Unboxing The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Cards

the-wild-unknownThere are as many special interest Tarot decks as there are people – you have the Cat Tarot and the Druid Tarot, the Angel Tarot and Greek Mythology Tarot, and everything in between. I’ve never been interested in branching out into any of these, because honestly, once you start there is no stopping!

But the one deck that I have heard nothing but good things about is The Wild Unknown Tarot. And when I saw the cards online, I knew why. The black and white images with pops of colors are not only beautiful, but the essence of each card shines through in the illustrations.

The first two editions of this deck are sold out, so when I heard there was to be a third edition, I simply had to have it! While pre-ordering them, I saw that the artist had another deck out – the Animal Spirit oracle. 

I took a look, loved the illustrations, and clicked away from the website because I’m not too crazy about oracle cards. But those cards lodged themselves in my mind.

So I did a bit of research, read some reviews, hemmed and hawed for a couple of weeks, and before I knew it, they jumped into my shopping cart and winged their way to me!

Unboxing The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Cards

The cards arrived from The Wild Unknown headquarters in Portland, USA, in a white box with the words “Contains Magic” stamped on it. Geekiness levels – all time high!



The cards were wrapped in a beautiful zebra print paper, with a little Animal Spirit card peeking out. The cards themselves were nestled in a woven paper box, with the guide book below that. {The guide book, unlike other Oracle decks, is sold separately. I bought both.}

The deck is housed in a beautiful iridescent box with a grey lifting ribbon and includes a fold-out poster explaining the keywords of each card and a few suggested spreads. Contrary to other Oracle cards decks, these cards aren’t oversized – they’re the same size as regular Tarot cards, and I love that! The 200-page guide book is written and illustrated by the artist, Kim Krans, and introduces all the animals, creatures and elements that form The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck.

I’ve been spending some time reading about her process and the cards, and getting to know them better. I’ll come back with an update on the cards themselves soon!

Have you ever been so excited about a package that you simply had to share an unboxing post? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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  1. These days the post man rarely comes and leave aside the chances of opening a parcel . Dont you think the surprise element in our life has perhaps reduced also. Will look forward to some excitement in the coming days . Glad that you were so excited for opening this parcel

  2. Love the illustrations! And they are the same sizes as our Tarot Decks! Awesome! The packaging sounds so detailed too. Wishing you a lovely bonding and some great Readings with this new deck!

    • The illustrations are really lovely Mayuri. And the same size as Tarot decks, making it seem really familiar! I’m going to try combining these with Tarot cards and see how they work! 🙂

    • Yes, it’s so exciting right? These got delivered at office, and I couldn’t wait to run home and open it up!

  3. Hiii… Looks mystic.. And the words contains magic, hype the excitement even more. I own a deck of Indian sacred tarot which though have 22 cards but are highly connectable plus the artist has done awesome paint to give it an Indian look. All the best with these 🙂

  4. wow so interesting,I have heard a lot about these oracle cards.yet I don’t know why the black and while seems scary.I wonder how the deck is to work with.I would love to hear your review now after all the experience you have now.is this your first oracle deck?

    • It’s quite an interesting deck to work , with a nice mix of positive, negative, and neutral cards. But if you don’t like the black and white, then look for other animal decks – there are many! I think Colette Baron-Reid also has one, which I’ve heard is quite nice.

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