Take 10: How to create stunning art journal pages in 10 minutes a day

I hear ya – you’re busy, what with work, home, socializing, blogging…all the other roles, responsibilities, and activities that make up your day. Where and how will you find the time to make art, you wonder?

What if I told you to take out just 10 minutes a day? You know you can do it – after all, we spend a lot more than that mindlessly scrolling through our Twitter and Facebook timelines!

But can you really create an art journal page in 10 minutes a day?

Yes, you can! I’ve done it often enough to tell you that it is possible. Sometimes I’ve spent less than 10 minutes a day, on others I’ve spent longer – so I know that just 10 minutes a day are enough to create beautiful art journal pages. And just to be clear, I’m not saying you will finish an art journal page from start to finish in 10 minutes {though you can}, but spend that much time every day on the page, and within a week you will have at least one complete art journal spread.

In fact, I’ve finished some of my abstract art journal pages in my tiny 3.5×5 inch art journal over two roughly 10 minute sessions – that’s 20 minutes total, give or take a few.

Seeing is believing, they say, so here’s some inspiration for you.

Put this lesson to work: Have I inspired you to give this a go? Your challenge is to take out just 10 minutes every day for one week and create in your art journal. Then come back here and tell me how it went!

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  1. Yes, that’s pretty inspiring and doable too. 10 minutes a day though seem so less but a lot can be packed in it.

  2. Hi Shinjini, I found your blog via Shilpa Garg’s blog. The name of your blog attracted me towards it. So browsed through your blog, love it. It definitely has the feel of art+soul+life. Can’t wait to read more from you especially on Tarot reading. I always wondered about it and thought, its just a superstition. But now I am excited that I will get to read more about it on your blog.

  3. Sounds like fun and everyone can spare ten minutes. I’ve never done an art journal before. Sounds like a fun thing to try. I just bought some new markers begging to be used on something creative.

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