Passion projects, personal transformation and overcoming resistance

Tarot guidance for personal transformationI start each morning with a moment of mindfulness, spending some time with a simple question and a single card drawn from my Tarot deck.

Each morning the cards reflect back a nugget of wisdom – it could be a simple reminder telling me to stay focused on the task at hand; a not-so-subtle push to stop day dreaming and start doing already; or an indication of a broader energy that I may need to work with during the day.

For today’s daily Tarot pull, I sat with this simple question:

What do I need to know about personal transformation?

When I drew the card and wrote down the message in my Tarot journal, I immediately knew that this was something that needed to be shared.

The start of any new journey is emotional and bumpy. Passions and emotions are high, there’s resistance and avoidance. The way through is to examine the resistance, pull it out into the light of day, put it down in black and white, and then break past it.

To acknowledge the passions and the feelings – pace yourself where necessary, motivate yourself when you find yourself flagging and stalling. But most importantly – get clear on your why.Why are you doing what you’re doing? What do you hope to achieve / feel / be once you make this transformation? Remember that why whenever your spirit flags – that will give you the strength and courage to continue on. 

I don’t know about you, but I almost always experience resistance and avoidance when I work on personal transformation. Most of my journeys of transformation start as a passion project – last year’s Mindful Break, for example, was a passion project that I made into a community project. It was a way for me to transform the way I deal with stress and overwhelm, and to build in more pauses into my day.

And I experienced immense resistance throughout.

Though I was excited and cheerful while talking about it, on the inside, I was convinced I was going to fall flat on my face and be unable to see it through. As the date approached, I was dragging my feet and hyperventilating about how spectacularly I would fail – publicly and privately, both.

I filled pages in my journal examining my resistance, and when I put it all into writing, most of it was my inner critic yapping away about perfectionitis and absolutely convinced that no one would give two hoots about fancy-shmancy mindfulness in the middle of festivities; that I wouldn’t be able to take a break, look up, and enjoy a pause; and on and on it went.

Seeing all of this in black and white, I knew just how baseless most of my fears were. I managed to dial down the voice of my inner critic and approach the project with curiosity. Not only did people enjoy it, I did too. And by connecting back with my why {for this project, it was less stress, please!} I was able to create a shift in my response to work related stress and keep my own mindfulness practice going long after the 15 day challenge was over.

And now, as I am starting another {private} passion project on a journey to another personal transformation, this message was timely and much needed – I could already feel the first stirrings of fear beginning in my gut. Remembering all the times I have done this before helped me to calm down and tell myself to take things one step, one day at a time.

Maybe some of you needed to hear this message too? Do let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I am not a journal type person, but this is such a great idea – writing down your fears and excuses, and seeing them for what they are – valid or not. I have a personal situation right now where something like that will help so much.

    • Writing down fears and excuses can really help you see them for what they are and address the ones that really matter. Do give it a try with your situation; I hope it helps you work your way through it!

  2. Yep, we all need affirmations of sorts either from others or from self. The Mindful Break you created was such a beautiful challenge and I am sure that set some wind below your wings to keep you afloat for a while? Then time now for a recharge of sorts. Loads of love and wishing you luck for this new (private) project! I need to try out this technique myself, haven’t been myself lately!

    • Yes, that we do Kala. The Mindful Break was immensely helpful for me! In fact, I plan to repeat it again this year. Soon! Do try this technique, Kala – I hope it helps you find your footing. xx

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your message! Yes, I felt it was written for me. I have been going through this resistance at the start of this project, that is not my passion project, but which might pave the way for a passion project in the future. So what you said is helpful, to remind myself of why I need to do this. Also, the daily tarot pull and journaling is something I started last week and I am amazed at the wisdom that comes through. Found your blog through Tarot Nerds and so glad!

  4. I can relate to this. I have found the road to personal transformation extremely slow and painful. But when dealt with in small chunks, the results are nothing short of amazing. I haven’t ever taken to writing a regular journal, but it has always appealed to me. And writing down our thoughts must be so therapeutic. I will definitely give it a go.

    • It is a slow and painful journey! And sometimes it feels like you take 2 steps back for every 1 step forward. But taking it slow really does help. Journaling is also very powerful – and it doesn’t have to be something you do each and every day either, that’s the beauty of it!

  5. Resistance is the only thing that keeps most of us from taking that first step. I had this problem when it came to my career, I always used to think what will happen if I do this or that, however when I started the same problems just vanished away. It seemed like I could do what I want without fear of rejection of mismanagement. I still am halfway through – but more confident and moving ahead.

  6. I can relate there on one piece that I need to personally strive to achieve. I know it’s needed but I am scared to learn the skill. My issue is how to fight fear.
    Hope you are now making progress.

  7. This is such a great practice. I find writing in my journal the best way I can despite how I am truest feeling. I also feel the most resistance when trying to change something about myself that no longer serves me. That is the most difficult because o try to goldmonto old habits even if they are not good because of the security blanket they represent. Like if I was to transform I would be naked and raw. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a great post! I’m very much trying to bring more spirituality into my life but this journey is bring a lot of resistance with it. I’m trying to be more mindful and trust that, in times of conflict, there is a greater force out there that’s bringing me these lessons. Despite trying to keep these things in mind, my left-brain tries to find a rational explanation for everything and ‘poo-poo’ my spiritual thought processes and feelings. I think what I am searching for is ‘the truth’, when maybe there isn’t one. Perhaps there are many many truths, one for each person on this planet. And maybe my inner struggle is about being satisfied that, when I find MY truth, this is enough.

  9. Always good to see people exploring mindfulness. It’s a great practice to develop to achieve inner calm and combat overthinking and dwelling on things outside of ones control. Good to see you taking this journey and sharing it with everyone

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