Journey of a Seeker: Writing your way back to wholeness

Writing your way back to wholeness

On the journey of finding myself, I realized how little I knew myself. I was a daughter, sister, friend, wife – fragmented into these many roles, these labels that were all a part of me. But underneath those labels, who was I?

I remember, in a moment of despair, tearing up a photograph of myself into pieces and sticking them down randomly to represent the fragmentation that I felt within. That was one of my lowest points, around 12 years ago.

As I struggled to put those pieces together, the thing that helped me the most was writing. More specifically, writing morning pages – a practice I picked up from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. She recommends writing 3 pages, longhand, first thing in the morning. No thinking. It’s not a journal or a diary or any creative or literary masterpiece. It is, quite literally, a dump – a brain dump.

All the gunk and junk, the rage, fear, anger, hopelessness, despair, blocks, criticism, whatever it is – just vomit it on the page. And then stick those pages into an envelope or a folder and don’t look at them again.

Writing my way back to wholeness

When I started this practice, all I had was rage, despair, and hopelessness. For a long time, that’s all that I wrote. And then, one day, there was a small crack in that darkness, a tiny pinprick of light. Towards the end of one of those morning page rants, I wrote something about forgetting the way to my heart. The next day, a memory from when I was younger made its way on to the page. After that, there were more tiny insights that came up within the pages – memories of how I buried myself, hid pieces of myself, denied my yearnings. All of those tiny little pinpricks through the darkness helped me to slowly start to find my light. It still took me a long time to accept some of my yearnings, to fully embrace some of the mysterious callings of my heart. But it is from that practice that I started to knit myself back together again.

There’s a lot more to spirituality than simply focusing on healing and energy. It’s not simply about love and light. It’s also about confronting the darkness within us, what Carl Jung called the shadow self, accepting it, working through it and bringing it up into the light. It takes work and time – it’s not a linear journey – you spiral in and out through it, but as you walk this winding road, the fruits get more plentiful and sweeter.

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  1. There are so many small healing process which we can adopt to stay good and regular writing is definitely one of them . Loved reading this post and this is worth following also. Keep up the good work

    • I used morning pages long before I painted. I was a repressed artist for a very, very long time. Plus, I think writing is a lot more accessible – lot of people get scared of painting and art, sadly. Now, I use both writing and painting as ways to get in touch with myself and for self exploration and enquiry.

  2. There’s a lot more to spirituality than simply focusing on healing and energy. It’s not simply about love and light. It’s also about confronting the darkness within us— this is so very hard, and so very true.

    • Yes, it sure is hard! I tried wishing my dark side away (I’m sure a lot of us have), only to learn that it really doesn’t work that way. You have to put in the work to integrate the shadow self.

  3. I have read The Artist’s Way and the morning pages is what I did too, and it helped me tremendously, in not just unburdening myself and my thoughts, but also getting into the habit of writing.
    I am happy you could find your voice, find yourself and move out of the darkness. So many of us find it difficult to put the jigsaw puzzle together and wither away along with time! 🙁

    • The Artist’s Way is a lovely book, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking of redoing it again, soon! The thing with the darkness is that it is a recurrent theme, at least in my opinion. There are times when it seems all consuming, and at others, we are able to move past it quicker. But yes, at times it can seem almost impossible to put the jigsaw pieces back together.

  4. I guess all of us have atleast been in this phase my dear at some point in time and the journey ahead had not been easy but truly eventful. I could relate to every world you wrote dear.

  5. Writing sometimes brings out those odd feelings and forgotten memories that our subconscious manages to hide.
    I like reading about your personal journey and how you overcame the past. Would like to know more about shadow work. I haven’t heard this term before

  6. Confronting what bothers us is the most impressive and important thing to do. Kudos to you.
    I like the idea of a writing dump on the morning. I will try it, it just may be the thing for me.
    Thanks for this post. Loved it.

  7. I can definitely relate. Great post. Writing does help in more ways than we realise.

    • hahaha! I like that – using the hubby and friends to brain dump! Writing is a lot more uncensored, I think, but of course, we are all wired differently. Talking may be more therapeutic for you!

  8. There is a reason they call writing healing. Your post tells me that again. Growing up, I used to write when I was torn in the various dilemmas of being a teenager. Now I write when I’m happy. It makes a lot of difference. Glad you chose to write else how would have I met you?

  9. I found his inspiring and a little close to home. Living in this world and all that comes with it really can break you from yourself and your piece was so full of heart so full of honesty that it has already got me thinking of using my art to regain myself. Your writing is open and you can tell you have a lot of spirituality and philosophy driving your style. A really touching read.

    • Thank you so much. I’m so glad this post inspired you to use art to regain yourself – it does work beautifully! I often combine written journaling and art journaling to work through stickier emotions and feelings.

  10. I started journaling (again) about a month ago. I write every now and then but getting back into the practice of writing every day (or every other day) has proven (again) to be so beneficial to me. It’s a stress reliever but also a way to work through my thoughts or just get some words down on a page. I’m finding that my journal is also a place I can be completely honest and completely creative. Thank you for the post!

    • I keep returning to journaling again and again. When things are going well, it sometimes falls to the wayside. But I’ve always come back to it. It’s where I find my peace and my answers.

  11. I really like what you said about there being more to spirituality than healing and energy. It is about the yin and yan. The light and the dark. If we focus on only one side we miss out big time. The dark is usually where we don’t want to go but in fact, it is often where the gold lays. Thanks for your wonderful sharing!

    • Yes! It did take me a while to come to that realization. Because the love and light is so much more “attractive” than the dark and unknown. But there is so much richness in the unknown, that it would be a disservice to ourselves to not delve into it.

  12. Hi Shinjini, I’m glad you found such healing in the morning pages – I tried them myself a while ago but didn’t stick to it, maybe I should start again! Looking forward to hearing more about the shadow work as this is something I’m keen to learn more about xx

  13. I love to write. Sometimes (actually a lot of the time) it can be hard work and it has only been recently that I’ve started to write about me, for me. The healing and acknowledgement of self has been life changing.

  14. writing and mindfulness were a huge part of what dragged me back from my deepest despair. I am so glad you began to see light papering and that you shine that on us by sharing your words xx #mg

    • Both are so important, aren’t they? Mindfulness is becoming a big thing for me. I’m also looking at more ritual and intentionality as ways to connect deeper and navigate life in a more heart centered way.

  15. This is a brave post! kudos to you to open up and share the experience and how you coped with it! Kudos for trudging through and upwards! Tearing up the photo and putting it together – there is a beauty to your angst too 🙂
    I look forward to reading about your shadow work & learning too.

  16. Such a lovely post Shinjini. Interesting to know about the brain dump first thing in the morning – need to try that. I can so relate to the sense of hopelessness and dealing with the darkness within. How beautifully you have described about the shadow self being like a spiral and not a linear journey. I’m curious to know more. Your blog reflects a lot of beauty and creativity. Keep spreading your light!

  17. This is intriguing and much aligned to my thoughts .. I am always interested in dealing with our emotions and reactions in a spiritual way that makes us feel at peace and connected. Following your works now.

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