Self-love-o-scope Tarot card reading for February 2018

Let’s kick off self-love February! We start with this juicy self-love-o-scope reading, which sets the tone for the month. And every Monday, I’ll publish an article related to each week’s focus area. I hope this reading and these posts will help you to deepen your self-love and self-care this month!

My intention with this reading is to offer you the self-care actions or tips you need the most at this time, and to see what energies would assist you in each of these areas.

I used a self care oracle card deck that I picked up years and years ago. I’ve lost the original box, so I can’t tell you who the creator of the deck is or even what it’s called! I’ve paired each of these cards with a Tarot card from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck. I chose this deck for this reading because its messages are gentler {and sometimes slightly different from the Raider-Waite}, much like most of Doreen’s cards.

I decided to pull four cards – one for each week of this month. Here are the cards:

So, we start the month off with some playfulness. The super blue blood moon – and full moons in general – can send us on quite an emotional rollercoaster! And with all the pressure we often put on ourselves in January, we can end up feeling quite worn out by the time February rolls around. Instead of beating yourself over the resolutions you broke or the promises that you didn’t stick to, why not shift perspectives slightly? Look at all that went right, approach your goals with a spirit of play, figure out what you really want to do and what doesn’t excite you any more, and hold all of this lightly! The Five of Air points to muddled thoughts and uncertain motives. While these could be from external partnerships/collaboration, they could also be from within. The key here is to examine your motives and your expectations is a fun, gentle manner.

Once you have a better handle on things, it’s a good idea to give it a rest. Put away your refined set of goals and plans. Spend some time just enjoying what is in front of you. Indulge in the things that you tend to put off for when you have more time. Take some naps if you can. Because here’s the thing: we will never have more time! All of us have the same 24 hours in a day when we have to juggle everything – work, home, family commitments, networking, hobbies, interests. But we are often so focussed on achieving and doing that we keep on running, until we don’t know why we are running any more. It’s when you can master the art of doing nothing, of stillness, that you can tap your intuition and see if your goals are aligned with your soul.

After this week of rest, there’s a good chance that you may have had many a-ha moments. Maybe you realized that attaining a balance between doing and not doing is good for your soul. Now is the time to take out your goals and plans from week 1 and look at them again. Do they still seem aligned, achievable in a way that feels good for you? Or would you like to make some tweaks and changes? Or perhaps you want to re-write it all! Spend some time in reflection, really getting in touch with the things that are coming up for you, and refine your goals.

Round out the month focusing on your blessings. Consider making a gratitude list, which is a good practice every month, I think, count your blessings, look at all that you’ve learnt, and allow that positivity to fuel you as you enter into March!

I hope you enjoyed this reading! If you’d like an in-depth look into any issues or areas in your life, you can book an online Tarot reading with me.

So, what do you think of this self-love-o-scope Oracle reading? Tell me in the comments!

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    • That’s good! Hope your February is refreshing and interesting! 🙂

      The thing with group readings is that it’s more about collective energy than individual energy. So not everything may resonate for you. 😉

  1. I don’t know about you, but 2018 has come in like a (good) whirlwind! It’s only been one month, but it feels like six months have gone by! Feb, however, already started out like that emotional rollercoaster you mentioned. It made me stop, regroup, and react differently. Trying to make time for some playfulness, as you suggest! Reflecting on my blessings is an ongoing practice for me….I have so much to appreciate!

    • 2018 started off well for me, too! But the last week – leading up to the full moon – was a doozy! I’ve just started to find my footing again, but I need to spend some time really figuring out a few things this month. Hope the rest of the year goes well for you! xx

  2. I had no idea that there was something like self care tarot cards. For me, 2018 started on a good note and it continues to be good as I entered February. Practicing gratitude is the single most important aspect which has helped me to consider myself as blessed.

  3. Playfulness, Aha moments and Relaxation. Looks like Feb is gonna be a great month for everyone.

    I’ve started making a gratitude list every month starting this year. It makes me feel so thankful and humble. Great suggestion that.

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