Energy forecast for July 2020: What seeds are you planting?

Energy and tarot forecast for July 2020

Here’s your energy forecast and tarot reading for July 2020. I’m using the Wild Unknown Archetype cards to pull the theme or energy that we are being called to focus on as a collective this month, and two tarot cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck to provide some additional guidance and clarity on how we can best use and understand the archetypal messages.

Energy forecast for July 2020: The archetypal energy

July presents us with the archetype of The Seed. The image on this card is almost hypnotic, the concentric circles drawing you in to the seed pearl at the centre of the card.

Looking at this card in person, it is like a vortex, drawing my gaze inwards, towards the centre….I can feel my logical brain dropping away as I get drawn into the vortex and in to the still, quiet core of my being.

That is where the seed lives.

Planted in the womb of the earth, a seed draws nourishment and sustenance from the soil and bones of our ancestors; from the sunlight that warms the earth and the water that falls on the soil. In that deep dark nourishing warmth, the seed stirs to life…cracking open…pushing upwards to the source of that warmth and water…until it pushes through the soil, extending little tendrils upwards – to the sun, to life.

So it is with the seeds we plant in our subconscious, in our heart. Our desires and longings, which take root in our hearts, are nourished and watered with the stories we tell ourselves. We can create a hostile environment for these seeds, or a nourishing one – the choice is ours.

So what seeds have you been planting recently?

What’s the condition of the soil/soul song that will nourish your seeds?

What are the stories you are repeating to yourself?

What are the stories you are hearing?

All things to consider this month.

Tarot reading for July 2020: Anchoring in the archetypal energy

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Bringing it down from the archetypal realm and anchoring the energy into the mundane human world is the story that is being told by the The Son of Wands, which in other tarot decks would be the Knight of Wands and the 9 of Pentacles.

Do you know what your treasures are? Not the external ones, but the internal ones – the ones that no one can snatch away from you. How well do you guard them? How do you tend to them?

What are your dreams, your goals, your desires? Are you fully aware of them? Do you know why you dream or desire something? Are you protecting and nurturing and working towards those desires?

There is merit in sometimes guarding your secret hopes, holding them close to your heart, until they have grown roots and are strong enough to stand up to the scrutiny of an external gaze.

There is also a lot to be said for getting clear on your why. As Simon Sinek says, when you know your why, your life is fulfilling and your passion doesn’t just fizzle out, but is the fuel that propels you towards achieving your goals and desires.

So what is your why?

What fuels you to wake up each day?

What are you eternally curious about?

What do you want to build/create/do/be?

Get clear on that. And then harness your creative fire and go out and build that.

I hope this energy forecast and tarot reading for July 2020 resonated with you on some level. If you have any a-ha moments or anything you’d like further clarity on, just drop a comment below. 

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