The Art with Soul Podcast: My Artist’s Journey

My artist's journey and what you can learn from my mistakes, The Art with soul podcast

As a self-taught artist, I know the many pitfalls and perils of navigating the wondrous and many layered art world while trying to find your bearing. In this episode, I share my artist’s journey, including an over decade-long break from art because I thought I wasn’t good enough.

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The one thing I have consistently heard from people around me is “I can’t draw or paint”. Well, as someone who couldn’t draw a stick figure to save their life, I know a thing or two about that particular brain gremlin and how to overcome it.

In this episode, I share:

  • The hurdles I had to overcome on my artist’s journey
  • Two of the biggest mistakes I made on my artist’s journey and how you can avoid them
  • How I found my inner artist
  • Some tips for people who are relatively new to the artist’s journey

YouTube videos that helped me start on my artist’s journey

As I promised on the podcast, here are a few of the YouTube videos that helped me get back to art after a gap of over a decade.

I remember, at the time, I didn’t have any of the supplies discussed here. I started with a few jars of craft paint, a set of watercolor pencils that I carried around with me since I was a child, and a waterproof black pen.

I spent a lot of time devouring videos and looking at reviews of art supplies to try and figure out what all these supplies do and what I really needed to get creating.

The answer is, not much! And I’ll be talking more about supplies on a future podcast episode, so make sure to subscribe to the podcast {subscription links are at the end of the post}!

More inspiration – from my YouTube Channel!

Want more YouTube inspiration?

Here are some art tutorials from my YouTube channel. Enjoy!

The evolution of my art

And a small look at the evolution of my style – from some of my earliest attempts to more recent paintings. (Click on the images for a larger view)

One of my altered books, when I just started on this whole art thing
One of my first few faces – after I had taken an ecourse
When I got back to art after a 10-year break
On my art table - being open to the mysteries of the universe
An evolution of my style
One of my very first art journal spreads
One of my more recent paintings

Free gift: Art Journaling 101 ebook

And if you want some guidance to get started, download my Art Journaling 101 ebook – for free!

Art Journaling 101, is designed especially with the beginner in mind. This gorgeous, 40 page + eBook is geared towards those who have or prefer to work with  limited supplies – or are suffering from art supply overwhelm and want to simplify their stash, if only for a while!

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