100 day project: Making my own washi tape

The 100 day project - 100 days of DIY washi tape

I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be doing a 100 day project this year. I didn’t feel like committing to a project for 100 days {like 100 days of soul fueled abstracts, which I did in 2021}, and I wasn’t in the mood for a working project, either {like 100 days of painting intuitively, which was my very first 100 day project back in 2019.}

But then an idea popped into my head and refused to go away.

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Painting with children

Painting with your toddler is one of the most interesting ways to jazz up your art practice!

Why you should paint with children

One of the most fun collaborations that I did last year was to paint with my 2-year old niece on video call! I showed her some of the paint tubes that were lying on my painty table, and she dictated all of my color choices, as I threw down paint, made marks, and combined colors that I may not have used on my own.

This is the final piece from that first collaboration. When the little toddler and I finished painting together, the page was filled with colors and marks — a vivid explosion of blues, pinks, purple and green, along with some really bold crimson.

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What May Sarton taught me about embracing solitude

What I learnt from May Sarton on embracing solitude

“Solitude, like a long love, deepens with time, and, I trust, will not fail me if my own powers of creation diminish. For growing into solitude is one way of growing to the end.”

– May Sarton, The House By The Sea

The world isn’t designed for introverted, solitude loving people. For a long time, I thought there was something wrong with me, what with my hermity tendencies and my need for pockets of quiet time, especially after I’ve peopled.

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An ode to the owl: a mytho-philosophical exploration of owl symbolism

A prose poem, plus an exploration of the symbolism of the owl through the lens of Indian mythology, philosophy & spirituality

Owls in Indian mythology, symbolism of owls, and a prose poem on owls

There’s something about owls —
mysterious creatures of the night,
their golden eyes, staring unblinkingly
into the shape shifting shadow
and then lightning quick —
they pounce.
fear, like a mouse, held firmly in their talons.

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On my art table: Urban jungle

An abstract urban landscape painting and a prose poem

Abstract painting urban landscape

What a miracle you are
sweet little pea
pushing your way resolutely up
through that sidewalk crack.

There’s no one quite like you
in close vicinity —
you look around you
at all the sidewalks
and all the sidewalk cracks
as far as your eye can see.

You realize that you’re all alone
oh no, not alone — unique
swaying with the slight breeze
that swirls around your tiny leaves
beaming up at the sun
as it kisses your tiny petals
at the dog who walks around you
wondering at this tiny, fragile thing
that stands there so sure
so delighted at the simple joy
of being here
of being alive
of just being

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On my art table: Family lines

And the legend of The Red Thread

Intuitive figurative painting family lines

Color. All of my paintings start with an exploration of riotous color. And marks. And scratching into paint. Painty play.

From those initial layers, images emerge. With the stories that they want to tell.

My job is to find those images. To listen to the pieces of their story that they share with me as I paint.

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On my art table: The healing journey

The healing journey and the Hierophant

You know what they say about healing – you’re constantly spiraling back to your lessons, uncovering deeper and deeper layers that need to be healed.

And when you are in the collective year of The Hierophant, you can find yourself dismantling “the way things are done” in favor of the way you would rather live your own life, even though it may be counter-cultural.

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On my art table: Origin Stories

On time, and life, and our multi-dimensional being

Abstract portrait origin stories

Swirling currents, eddying over the surface of the water,

forming whirlpools that whisper to her their song of change.

As the waves crash over the rocks, the sea salt spray on her lips

carries the tale of the journeys that were and the journeys to come.

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On my art table: The Bridge

Because all we need is love

abstract landscape painting the bridge

I love painting intuitively. Often, I start by picking up a bunch of different kinds of paints – heavy bodied, inks, fluids – in a variety of colors. I always have a variety of mark making tools on my table, ranging from brushes and pencils, to catalyst blades, palette knives and my fingers; and a variety of mixed media supplies like colored pencils, oil pastels.

Just throwing everything together, following my impulse, and seeing what arises brings me immense joy. Like on this piece – finding those little hearts within the layers of paint, and then noticing so many more abstract heart shapes peeking out throughout this piece.

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Instructions for life

On being a rebel, a stream of consciousness prose poem + a painting from my studio

Instructions for life and living in a hyperconnected world

I will participate, but not as asked.”
― Jenny Odell, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy

When I was in my fiery teens, my father declared me a rebel without a cause. I’ve always been contrary. If you tell me to go up, I will go down. If you tell me not to do something, you can be sure that I will go right ahead and do it. And then proudly tell you that I did it too. That fiery rebellion of my teenage years has mellowed over the years, though – I guess that’s what they call aging.

I may not be a fiery rebel, but I am still contrary. I question most things. I tend to think deeply. Sometimes, it is annoying. It would be so much easier to just go along with what everyone else is saying. With the things the world seems to value. With what everyone else is chasing. It is so much more difficult to try and swim against the tide.

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