Tarot and energy forecast for August 2020

Energy forecast for August 2020

Here’s your tarot reading and energy forecast for August 2020. I’m using the Wild Unknown Archetype cards to pull the theme or energy that we are being called to focus on as a collective this month, and two tarot cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck to provide some additional guidance and clarity on how we can best use and understand the energy of the archetypal messages.

Energy forecast for August 2020

August presents us with the archetype of The Pilgrim. The dreamy, fossilised colors on the card drew me in immediately. The next thing I noticed were the folded hands and the prayer beads, and the all-seeing eye above a mountain. 

All of this is rich symbolical imagery, pointing us back to our roots, our ancestors who walked this land aeons before us. The ones who created sacred sites and hallowed lands, who made sense of the world around them through the elements – the earth, the rain, the rivers and lakes, the skies, the divine.

Though organised religion tried to demonise those early pagan practices, some of those ancient pagan pilgrim sites still draw reverence and awe. Think Stonehenge. 

So, in these stormy, initiatory times, this archetype comes as a reminder: though times may be turbulent and the future unknown, we can find comfort in the things that don’t change, no matter what. The sun still rises and sets. The moon waxes and wanes. The seasons change according to their cycles. Day follows night follows day. 

It is when we lose sight of the unchanging nature of the universe, when we allow the daily grind to cloud our eyes of wonder, that fear and stagnation overtakes us

Remain open to the mystery. To the questions.

  • What if each outward journey helped you deepen your inner journey?
  • What meaning can you find in the pause we find ourselves in collectively?
  • In the protests that are breaking out around the world asking for a more just society?
  • Even in the loss of jobs? Of life? Of loved ones and acquaintances?

These are not easy questions to ask. In some cases the grief and the anxiety threatens to overcome everything else. And yet, it is when we are able to find that inner still center that keeps pulsating steadily no matter what, when we can look at reality with the eyes of a pilgrim who is always on a quest for wisdom and meaning, that we will find ourselves with an inner pool of courage that will help us to get truly unstuck

Tarot reading for August 2020: Anchoring in the archetypal energy

Bringing it down from the archetypal realm and anchoring the energy for August 2020 into the mundane human world is the story being told by the Father of Cups and The Empress

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We are sailing in uncharted waters. There’s no clear map or guidance system for when or how things will return to normal. But we’ve been sailing for long enough to understand these waters. Though land may not yet be in sight, the Father of Cups asks us to keep calm and carry on. To look after ourselves, to be empathetic to others, and to remain centered and balanced as we navigate these times. 

But how do we do this? 

We do this by grounding, by exquisite self care practices that are nurturing and nourishing, by living a more creative life – be that journaling, gardening, painting, baking, cooking, writing, or anything else that has us flexing our creative muscles. 

When we focus on creating something out of nothing, it gives us a sense of purpose and meaning. Both of which are important especially during periods of heightened uncertainty and anxiety. 

And by observing. Observe your own rhythms…the rhythms of the moon and the stars and nature…and see how you dance in tune with these natural rhythms

Instead of focusing on the future, the ask is to focus on the here and now. On what is in front of us. To respond to that. To take one step and then the next one and the next. 

I hope this energy forecast and tarot reading for August 2020 resonated with you on some level. If you have any a-ha moments or anything you’d like further clarity on, please drop a comment below. 

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