October 2022: Tarot spread for the new moon in Scorpio

Plus some journaling questions, an astro-tarot forecast and an exploration of the the Sabian symbol for the October 2022 new moon in Scorpio.

Tarot spread and astro-tarot forecast for the October 2022 new moon in Libra

The October 2022 new moon falls in the sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio archetype is known for its intense power and its ability to transform, much like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, ready to fly. The Scorpio archetype isn’t afraid of the birth-death-rebirth cycle, for it is only when parts of us die and are reborn that we can fully transform.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that spiritually, the Scorpio archetype teaches us to surrender – to align our human will with divine will. It can teach us that sometimes our human trials can reveal a need for deep healing. This is not always easy to live with or to understand, especially when the need for healing arises from trauma, and yet on the other side of working with and healing trauma there can be deep and valuable transformation.


This new moon also kicks off eclipse season, with a partial eclipse that is visible from most of Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East, and western parts of Asia. This gives the October 2022 new moon an extra oomph, helping us to break habitual patterns, bringing in an awakening, and offering us the chance for a cosmic reboot, especially as it relates to partnerships of all kinds: significant others, children, friends, business partners and colleagues, and the like.

Astro-tarot influences for the October 2022 new moon in Scorpio

To throw some more light on the October new moon astrology, let’s take a look at the astro-tarot influences of this lunation. The Scorpio new moon falls in decan 1, which is represented by the Five of Cups. This is to be interpreted in conjunction with Death, which is associated with Scorpio.

The Daily Pause Oracle Deck

I designed this beautiful, 40-card oracle deck to bring in some stillness, to give us a word or an idea to reflect on as we go about our day.

Supported by the four elements – earth, air, fire, water – and a carefully thought-out structure that connects the cards, The Daily Pause oracle will help you to listen to and trust your own inner knowing.

There’s no learning curve involved with using this deck. Just get quiet, shuffle the cards, pull one out, and reflect on the word you’re presented with.

Grief has a way of covering us with a dark cloak. Of filling the spaces around us with a grey fog that dulls all sight and sound and sensation. Caught in its throes, it’s hard to believe that any light will pierce through the fog…the sound of the world continuing on its merry way feels like a deep betrayal.

Grief comes in many forms, for many reasons, in many ways. Death of loved ones or the loss of a dream are the more obvious — and in some ways acceptable — sources of grief. But sometimes we can feel the heavy cloak of grief settle over our bones for more seemingly tenuous reasons — the destruction of the ecology and environment, or the seemingly sudden loss of a sense of purpose; the questioning of our choices, or the sight of a fragile moth and the thought of how it clings to its brief life and the piercing grief of our own mortality.

The thing with grief is that we don’t quite know how to sit with it…how to let it wash over us…how to let it have its way with us…to allow ourselves to break open with the sorrow of all of it. We’ve been taught to get over our grief, to push it away, brush it under the carpet, chin up, stick a band-aid on our heart and paste a smile over our face. Because if we stare into the abyss of grief too long, we may get stuck there, or fall down, down, down into a darkness so deep that no light will ever penetrate there.


What we forget, I think, is that everything changes. That light more often that not does penetrate even the deepest of darkness. That there is no fixed timeline for grief, that the 5/7/10 stages of grief aren’t even linear, that we can bounce between those stages for a while without necessarily being broken beyond repair. We forget that the cracks let in the light, that we can fill up our cracks with gold, that to heal we need to allow ourselves to break, that our hearts are often more resilient than we give them credit for. If we look to nature, we will see that morning follows night, life follows death, springs follows autumn and summer follows winter. That frozen waters thaw and that rainbows emerge after the heavens shed their tears. And just like nature, we eventually emerge after being broken and ravaged by grief. Changed, almost undoubtedly, maybe even never completely healed, like a broken bone that hurts when the weather gets cold. But we can learn to rebuild ourselves, to feel whole again, to dance with the limp.

Sabian Symbol for the October 2022 new moon

The Sabian Symbol for Scorpio 2 degrees is Neighbours Help In A House-Raising Party In A Small Village.

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This is a beautiful symbol of what it truly means to be part of a community — showing up to commune, to build and accomplish things together. As the saying goes, it takes a village. But that sense of community has largely been lost in this capitalist, individualistic, industrial age.

“Having faith in those around you can help bring a sense of belonging and relationship to your life.” writes Linda Hill writes in 360 Degrees of Wisdom: The Sabian Oracle. “People must all have a higher sense of purpose, otherwise some may work at cross-purposes, undermining people or even entire families. Is there a need for people to assist you because someone in your life has left behind their responsibilities? If you are in need of ‘Help’, making a wish for assistance to arrive may bring a bigger response than you expected!”


Tarot spread for the Scorpio new moon

Here’s a tarot spread to tap into the energy of this eclipse portal and new moon in Scorpio.

Tarot spread and journaling questions for the October 2022 new moon in Libra.

1. The heart of the darkness – this card represents a core wound that is coming up for healing at this time. Note: this could well be a wound that will never be fully healed, but that will repeat over the duration of your lifetime.

2. Finding the light – this card represents a message of some kind related to your wound. It could offer more understanding on the area of this particular wound that is coming up for healing. Trust your gut.

3. Making medicine – this card represents a message for healing for your wound at this particular time, through this eclipse cycle.

4. Emerging into the light – this card represents a new strength that this eclipse portal can gift you with

5. Mamma moon says – This is always a message of encouragement and healing

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Mini journaling ritual for the new moon in Scorpio

Not a cardslinger? No problem. Here’s a mini journaling ritural for you instead.


Carve out some time when you won’t be disturbed for a while — about 30 minutes or so. Have your journal and pen handy.

First, quiet your mind and bring yourself fully into the present moment. Do a grounding meditation, or simply take a few deep breaths and feel your energy coming back to you with each breath.

In the silence, ask yourself: what’s the wound that is ready to be healed. Listen quietly for the answer. Trust what arises. Write down what comes up.

Take a few more deep breaths. Invite your inner healer to step forward. Ask for their guidance with whatever came up for you. Write until you feel like you’re done.

Take a few more deep breaths. Look over all that you have written. If you notice any actionable advice, make a note of it. Circle anything that feels particularly important. Make any additional notes or reminders for yourself.

To end the session, put your hands flat on the table and take a few deep breaths to ground yourself.

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