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My paintings capture the internal dialogue between myself and the life force that animates all of creation. When I paint, I am simply the vessel – I show up and I hold space, and I allow what wants to come through to come through. Most of my work is influenced by the archetypes, by the power of story, which connects back to our bone wisdom.

There’s a sense of play woven through even the most serious pieces – form, texture, line, color – rich, saturated, vibrant colors. Through this bold use of color, symbols and texture, I aim to convey an interior vision that is both personal and universal.

When everything around you demands that you conform, blend in, the explosion of color on the canvas reminds you that you are not meant to be another cog on the wheel, turning in an ever-ending cycle from birth to death to birth again.

My work is a reminder to stop and play. To experience the world around you in technicolor. To be playful, whimsical, quirky, even when you’re being profound and reverent – maybe even more so then.

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New! Sands of Time: a collection of abstract paintings capturing the timeless essence of my favorite Persian & Urdu poets

Dreaming of Gaia

Figurative abstracts

Abstract expression

Dream weaving

World of whimsy

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