The Inner Quest Workbook: Journaling through uncertainty to gain clarity and create meaning

The Inner Quest Workbook: Journaling through uncertainty to gain clarity and create meaning

We are living through unprecedented, uncertain times. The world as we knew it has changed. And though the dust is starting to settle, the road ahead appears blurry at best.

How can you work through the fear and uncertainty that has been kicked up in the psyche?

  • How can you build more resilience and find the tools that can support you as you navigate through life?
  • How can you use this pause, this liminal space, to find more meaning, a sense of purpose, and a map to guide your journey forward?
  • How can you create lasting change and emerge from difficult situations with a sense of wellbeing and purpose?

That is where the Inner Quest workbook comes in.

Hi! I’m Shinjini, a self-taught artist, tarot reader, long time journal keeper, and seeker of soul.

Long before I picked up a paintbrush or a deck of cards, I wielded pen and ink and paper, baring my heart within the covers of a notebook. I’ve been journaling since I was 14-years old, channelling all my hormonal rages into words and squiggles on the page.

As the years went on, I learnt how to use these humble tools – a pen and paper – to create deep, lasting, meaningful changes in my life.

I truly believe that our stories can shape us, that writing is medicine, that pen and ink and paper have a unique transformative power, if only we know how best to harness it.

The Inner Quest workbook is designed specifically for the times we are in.

Inner quest workbook pages sample

This workbook will help you to:

  • Clearly understand your triggers and the fears that have been stirred due to social isolation
  • Identify your core values and help you create a roadmap for living in alignment with those values
  • Vision what a life of meaning and purpose means to you and live a much more successful life

Does this sound like something that you can use? Then let’s do this!

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Given the digital nature of this workbook, no refunds will be offered.