I'm sharing my journey....

...so you can be inspired to reconnect with your inner creative being.

By sharing my passion and love for art I hope to awaken the creative soul that is hiding inside you, afraid, perhaps, to come out and play.

For too long we've lived with the illusion that paint causes stress. We've convinced ourselves we're not creative, that we don't have it in us to put paint to paper and create something that brings us joy.

I'm on a mission to help you change that!

Art makes me feel alive, it fires me up and soothes my soul. I believe it has the power to heal. And I want to share that power with YOU!




We start with this...

My gift to you.

My yummy 55-page ebook to help you learn Art Journaling!

I designed this especially for beginners and for those looking to work with limited art supplies.

{Which doesn't mean that it won't work for art supply hoarders. It will!}

It's chock full of helpful hints, tips, and step-by-step how-tos, as well as some essays to encourage you to explore your creativity fearlessly.

And then grab a cup of tea...

...make yourself comfortable, and come on in!

There's so much waiting for you - art journaling tutorials, thoughts on living with soul, book reviews, travelogues and more.

I hope you enjoy your stay!