Adrift by A Thomas Hawkins

Autumn fallen leaves of Zelkova serrata

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Adrift by A Thomas Hawkins

Like autumn leaves upon the river
and icebergs in the spring
I’m a captive of the current
carried by anothers whim

It seems I am adrift again
once more carried by the wind
with no anchor chains to hold me
nor ropes to bind me in

Will there ever be stability
within this soul of mine
will I ever find the one
that becomes the tie that binds

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  1. I wonder if there’s any relation with this poem to the “Blessed Be the Tie That Binds” hymn or if it was just a popular turn of phrase back then.

  2. No relation at all, and I’ve not heard the hymn either but it was a line that just fit when I wrote the poem.

    Thanks for sharing.

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