Going home to mom!

There’s no place like mommy’s home. We’ve got a long weekend coming up this week, so I’m taking a couple of days off and flying home to be with my parents. The husband won’t be coming with me this time, which is good — it will be like old times, except that my lil sis won’t be around to irritate the hell out of me!

Mom’s already decided which movies we’re going to watch together –

We Are Family

and Dabaang

We’ll also go out for some absolutely awesome Italian food to La Pizzeria, and then of course shopping and lots of gossip with mommy! Can’t wait to get home!!

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  1. I bet your mom will be thrilled to see you. I also think it is nice to go by yourself – sometimes trying to be a daughter and wife (and mom!) gets in the way of my relationships. When it’s just me + my parents, we can connect in a way we otherwise don’t.

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