Meditation music: Relaxation music

How has the week treated you so far? My week has been really hectic — a lot of high-pressure deadlines that I had to meet at work, driving through some absolutely crazy traffic, long nights and early mornings.

With all the craziness, I really needed to find some peace during the weekend, and was fortunate to stumble upon some beautifully relaxing music.  I hope this piece is able to soothe your frazzled nerves as well as it did mine!

Hope you liked this music.

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  1. Hello and good day.

    It is my first day to be here on your blog. I am glad I’ve found this one. Great blog!

    Thanks for sharing the video. Saved it on my fave list.

    Have a pleasant Sunday!

    • Tell me about it! With our hectic lives, relaxation seems to be at a premium!! You should stop by every Sunday for some new pieces of relaxation/meditation music! 😉

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