The world's most photographed cat

As you read this post, I will be on my way away from this maddening city…escaping to the sandy beaches of Rishikesh for some rest and relaxation. Three days away from work and home, to rest and recuperate along the banks of the River Ganga seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

While I’m away, though, I thought you’d enjoy seeing some pictures of the world’s most photographed cat, Pepo! 😉


Put your hands together for this lazy lil cat…


…her favorite position — curled up into a ball of fluffiness…

…as she looks out at you from under one paw…

….or reclines on her favorite chair by the balcony door.

She can be stern when she thinks the humans aren’t doing what she’s asking (or demanding) them to do…


…and is intensely curious, just like yours truly…


…and she’s all mine (oh ok! and the husband’s!)

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  1. Oh my, you are so lucky! I wish I was joining you on this getaway – my neighbor is driving my insane – I think I might have to risk jail time and go kick his bottom – I am trying to work!

    As for your cat, she is quite lovely, even though I have a preference for dogs 😉

    • Well, if a dog lover thinks my cat is “quite lovely,” I take that as meaning she’s the cutest cat in the whole wide world! 😉 I’m so biased…lol!

      Hope your pesky neighbor isn’t bothering you anymore…I hate people who turn up their music full blast for the entire block to hear…how’s this one irritating you?

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