Where I'm from

I am from the paint streaked canvas, from a box of fine Godiva chocolates and a flute of sweet rose wine.

I am from the sheltered world of Ashoka lined row houses, the smell of the jasmine flower wafting through the warm summer breeze.

I am from the river flowing fast and hard in the back yard, the huge Gulmohar tree whose branches lent themselves to day dreams.

I am from family dinners and knowledge seekers, from Mehrotras and Seths and Tandons.

I am from the young at heart, the rose tinted glasses never quite coming off. From instructions to be home before sundown and advice to always follow your heart.

I am from Shiva and Laxmi and the whole Hindu pantheon. From morning prayers and the sweet smell of incense floating in the air.

I am from a hospital by the sea in Singapore, descended from Aryans belonging to the verdant north Indian plains, from summer yellow lentils and golden wheat bread.

From the love and indulgence of my grandfather, the unquestioned love of my grandmother, the discipline imposed by my mother and the reasoning offered by my father.

I am from memories made all over the world as I sailed the seas with my parents, from piles of photographs stored in the cupboard and beautiful paintings lining the walls.

I am from dreams spun curled up at the window near my study table, from stories read and re-read on lazy summers spent belly down in the cool, green grass.

I am from friends real and imaginary, from a baby sister I fought with and for, from rebellions and reconciliations, from love, love, love.

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  1. This is simply wonderful! I can picture all the different places. You must be an extremely interesting person to know! Someone I would love to meet in real life 🙂

  2. Visiting from Mama Kat’s. I also chose this prompt, and am spending WAY too much time reading every entry so far. Love reading about how each of us became the person we are.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Modern Gypsy! I’m visiting you back, What a beautifully written post. My family is from India and your post about the wonderful food, rich culture, wonderful people and beauty of India brings back fond memories.

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  5. I know some delightful Seths and Tandons and have met some lovely Mehrotras too. So it’s no surprise you come from such a lineage. It must have been a long while since anyone visited this page of yours but I’ve been drawn to your site by some mystic powers…..I loved this poetic description of who you are

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