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I’m fairly new to choosing a word of the year – last year was the first time I did this exercise. My word was Transform. I mapped out the areas of my life that I wanted to change and put down some milestones against them. And then, I wasn’t quite sure how to make it work…how it would be any different from regular New Year resolutions that you make on 1 January and break by the end of the month – if they even last that long?

But I needn’t have feared, because intentions truly have power! I certainly did not achieve everything that I had mapped out at the start of the year, but I made huge strides in all of those areas, which is a lot more than I can say for New Year resolutions. Some strides were more visible – like my art practice – others were more under the surface – like losing that weight already! Last year was about researching like crazy (and no, not on the latest fad diets, but on more wholesome nutrition and exercise and the mind-body connection to wellness), breaking up with “diets”, examining body image and working on self-acceptance.

As December rolled around, I already knew my word for 2016 – and some mind mapping and inquiry proved that it was the right choice for me…

Word of the year 2016: Create

To my mind, it’s a natural progression from transform. Transform was more subtle – almost like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. The process was hidden…things were happening inside that cocoon, but there wasn’t much that was visible to the outside world.

But now that the transformation is complete – or almost complete – it’s time to be out in the world and CREATE.

What’s your word for 2016?

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  1. I chose ‘Thrive’; to thrive mentally, physically, emotionally, creatively and spiritually. I’m looking forward to lots of exploration, experimentation, implementation and transformation!!

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