{V} Veering away from the journal page


This was done on a roughly 18 by 22 size, 300gsm watercolor sheet. Let’s play! {Click image to enlarge}

Human beings are social creatures. As you start to get your art groove on, chances are that you will want to share your art with your friends. And by share, I don’t just mean flooding social media with your art work – I mean sharing a small piece of what you do with the people you love.

So today, I invite you to move out of the book and onto a lose sheet of paper. For best results, I would recommend an 18 x 20 sheet of 300 gsm watercolor paper. {If you can’t find a single sheet of watercolor paper in your area, you could use a thick sheet of drawing paper.}

When you get the paper home and into your art area, it can be quite intimidating – such a huge expanse of white! But fear not, you don’t have to do anything “cohesive” on it. Just have fun playing with all the techniques you’ve learnt so far. This huge sheet will eventually get cut up into smaller pieces.

Gather together 3-4 of your favorite colors plus white and start painting randomly. Once the paint dries, stencil and stamp in some random areas around the sheet. Apply some drips with acrylic or waterproof inks. “Fade out” some areas with thinned down white paint. Doodle with a waterproof black pen {my favorite is the Sakura Identity Pen}.


Once you’re done and everything is dry, flip the sheet over and draw your guide lines for cutting. The size will vary, depending on what you want to make. In this example, I cut up my sheet into visiting card size pieces to use as prompts. You can cut them out to make bookmarks or postcards or even as little abstract pieces of framed art – and since it’s a large sheet, you can make a few of all of these from one single sheet!


Once you have all your pieces cut out, you may find a few that may not have too much interest – feel free to doodle, stamp or stencil on those pieces if you wish.

Questions? Ask away!

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