Ebook review: The Other Side of Love by Richa Singh

“Twenty seven is the last age to get married an in style.”

So begins this short novella, which was was penned by Singh during the month-long Ultimate Blogging Challenge.

The story follows 27 year old Radha, who, of course, is not yet married. She lives a rather lonely existence. She’s friend zoned by Sushant, the man she loves; her sisters are married and settled; and her mother is worried about Radha’s future. But instead of being forced into marriage, Radha accepts a teaching job from a coveted institute.

Here, the shy, timid girl meets bold, outspoken Sangeeta. Opposites attract, and a friendship is forged. The only hitch is that Sangeeta is lesbian and is attracted to Radha. Meeting Sangeeta, who is outspoken about her orientation, is a novelty for Radha. As she gets to know her better and is inspired by her outlook on life, there’s a lingering tension between them. Can Sangeeta dare to hope for a future between them? Or will the shy Radha follow convention and end up marrying the boy her mother chooses for her?

Each chapter explores a different facet of the relationship, the many confusions and contradictions of a somewhat conservative girl who’s just stepped out into the world, the battle between love and family, between wanting an answer and not forcing it.

There are twists and turns galore, and a whole host of characters I haven’t even mentioned here because I don’t want to give anything away. You’ll just have to read The Other Side of Love to find out how Radha and Sangeeta’s relationship shapes up.

Have I managed to pique your curiosity? Then click on the cover to download a copy of the book for free!

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