On my art table: The angel


This angel was among the first few paintings that I did this year. Around the 10th of January, I think. As I read the words I chose for this spread, I’m struck by just how prophetic they’ve been!

Tune into your highest, elder self, and allow that being to lead your desires, intentions, and actions.

I’ve been led down new paths, found some completely unexpected teachers and guides, and embarked on an inner journey that I didn’t even know I needed to excavate, examine, and transform. And as I work on that inner journey, I’m realizing that as much as it is healing me, it is also a story that needs to be shared.

I know where to share it (here, of course), although how is still a mystery. But given how amazing these past six months – you can read about my adventures with Create (my word of the year) for all the details – have been, I’m sure the how will come to me too!

Meanwhile, this angel was created using the paint over collage technique. Do download my ebook, Art Journal 101, to learn this, and many more easy and fun art journaling techniques.

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  1. I start every year with a resolution to paint every Sunday. Alas this always remains unfulfilled. I even bought an adult art book so all that I had to do was colour in the drawings. And that too remains unopened till date

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