On my art table: Open to interpretation



Waiting. Yearning. Dreaming. Hoping.

A figure in space.

A figurative landscape.

Yellows, blues, a tinge of brown.

Hope, calm, despair and sorrow.

Looking ahead.

Turning back.

Dreams broken.

Hope springs anew.

That’s what it does – abstraction.

One image – multiple viewpoints.

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  1. Seconded, this image is open to many interpretations but the first thought come to my mind is she’s just seeking more power by dissolving all her past experiences and imagining a new bright future.

  2. I see a young woman standing at the threshold. She sees the world outside waiting for her, yet she also sees a happy world inside (her family), and she feels she can only choose one, perhaps. A contemplative stance as she thinks of what to do…

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