Introducing the #Writeaholics!

Blogging is a solitary activity. It’s you, alone behind a screen, sharing your thoughts and dreams, your art and travels, your loves and hates, so many little glimpses into your life. Sometimes it can feel a bit lonely out there, adrift in a sea of a billion blogs all writing about a billion different things. You wonder if your voice is getting drowned, if anyone is listening, if any of this even makes a difference.

This is where the power of community comes in for a blogger.

For me, it came in the form of Blogchatter, through whom I found a lot of friends, numerous bloggers whose work I admire, and a number who inspire me to do better.

And now, seven of us have come together to blog better and stronger!

As we got to know one another, we found so many areas of commonality. For instance, Anindya, Saumy and I have a Pune connection. It’s the city where I grew up, Anindya spend four years there, and Saumy is currently living there. In fact, when he told me he travels 70km for work everyday, it makes me realize just how much the city has changed since I was a child!

There’s a a strong Kolkata connection too, with Dr Anshul and Anindya in the same city, Saumy having worked there, and me wanting to visit – one day soon!

Our lovely Dixu is from my favorite state – Rajasthan, and Menaka is from the beautiful Coonoor – another place on my must-visit soon list!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to my buddies – team Writeaholics.

Photographer extraordinaire Anindya –  his food photography will make you wish you could connect your computer to a 3D printer, print out that food, and eat it! Don’t laugh – the day may come when this could happen!

Another excellent photographer, Saumy writes about his travels and Hindi poetry. His photographs are breathtaking and his poetry is lovely!

Dixita is our bubble of positivity and good cheer! She writes sweet little stories from her heart and reading her blog and interacting with her will just make you feel happy too.

Hop over to Menaka‘s blog for a wealth of information on the organic way of life. She also writes about health and fitness, parenting, travel and frugal living. Lots of interesting stuff there!

Dr. Anshul is an anesthetist who shares a mix of posts about health, his life, and his views.

Manisha is a Mumbaikar who writes about fashion and beauty, some poetry, and life in general.

Together, the seven of us are working along with Blogchatter to blog together and blog better!

I’m a blogbuddy with Blogchatter.

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I’m an artist and art educator, podcaster, tarot reader, and writer. I share my discoveries along the path to inspire you to live a more creative, soul-centered life. Receive my love letters for more of my musings on life and creativity. P.S. I love Instagram - join me there?


  1. Wow Jini! This is such an endearing post! ? You have summed up everything so beautifully and collated even the minute details from our group chat. That’s really a commendable job! *Claps* ?

    Glad that we’re in same group. It’s definitely going to be a great experience with all you amazing buddies. High five! ?

    • High five! It will be great!! Looking forward to growing our blogs together, and getting to know one another even better. So glad we are on the same team!

  2. That’s a wonderful way of describing our group, Writeaholics.
    Yes we are different person from different background on a common mission to help each other and take our blog to the next level 🙂

  3. A really great bunch of people, each with unique strengths and now with you shining in the blogchatter community as the diva — #Writaholics are certainly a group to watch out for .. a fantastic intro post Shinjini !

    • Me? Diva? When did that happen? 😉 I’m looking forward to this season of blog buddies! Thank you for your kind words Chandni 🙂

  4. Nice introduction to Writaholics. Glad to know about everybody and good creative team you have got here Jini. Loved it especially the first few lines. All the best to you all for blogbuddy 🙂

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