Gratitude thread for October

There’s a thread of gratitude that runs through my life.

Moments, big and small, that I’m grateful for. People and events that I give thanks for. They range from the small things I used to take for granted – a clean car thanks to the car cleaner who comes in early in the morning; a clean desk at work courtesy the office boys who stay back late to clean up our office space – to the larger events, like a month of good health for the husband and me after almost two months of illness.

As part of my evening ritual I spend some time journaling, which includes – on most days – a gratitude list. Over time, this simple activity has led to a tangible difference in the quality of my days. I find myself in a much more positive state of mind, and I’m able to weather the storms that come my way a little bit better.

So it seems almost natural to start writing a monthly gratitude post on my blog too.

October was a crazy month at work, both in terms of volumes and deadlines. But I managed everything without loosing my sanity and only snapping at a colleague once. Score!

The Mindful Break, a project that’s really close to my heart, was embraced by a number of wonderful peeps. It helped me maintain my sanity during a busy month, but even more importantly, I loved the feedback that I received from those who took it. Witnessing their stories and seeing the positivity flowing through the Instagram stream truly humbled me. For me, it was a huge success and I have lots of dreams for it going forward.

team-paintingAfter months and months of being a hermit, I finally spent some time socializing with friends. The first was an after office trip to Delhi Haat to meet a good friend who was visiting from Hong Kong. The second was a lunch outing to meet a a close friend and her husband who were down from Bombay. It was really important to break this cycle, and I’m grateful that I finally managed to do it last month.

At work, my team participated in a painting contest. So from hardly one or two of my team mates knowing that I paint, now everyone knows that I do! Of our team of 10, 3 of us knew how to paint, and one knew how to draw. After I quickly briefed everyone on some painting basics, we managed to do a pretty decent job – we won the first prize unanimously and almost instantly! In the chaos and confusion of having 10 people paint a canvas at the same time, and with an audience to boot – something that would generally completely freak me out – I was able to tune everything out and just focus on the paint, on giving instructions, and leading the team. Painting does put me in a completely different zone, and I’m so very very grateful that I finally gave myself permission to paint!

So that’s it from me for this month. Your turn – what are you grateful for today?

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  1. I wish to share… this Diwali we wished everyone we met a Happy Diwali – the smile on everybody face is so much satisfying. We seek happiness in big things but what we remember lifelong are these small moments which help us grow and give peace.

    • I’m so happy to hear that Tina! Loved seeing your photographs there!! Thanks – that guitar does look kinda cool! 😉

    • Yes, and especially given the bad run of health we have had recently, I’m really thankful that we are finally back to our healthy selves!

    • Thank you Mayuri! I loved all the photographs and positivity that was shared there! Thank you for your wishes for my husband. I shall pass them along. ?

  2. Agree Jini ..writing gratitude list is very important as it just helps us to count our blessings and look towards positive side of life. I also enjoyed posting pics for mindful break. All the best to you for this month too. 🙂

    • True Deepa! Focusing on the positives makes life so much more beautiful! Thank you for joining the Mindful Break – I loved seeing your photographs!

  3. Gratitude should be the most important part of your life. Right now I am grateful for my tribe and the support they have offered me unconditionally. All of you are just simply amazing. The mindful break, though I missed some days was the highlight of October for me.

    • True Jai – I’m so thankful to have you as a part of my tribe. I loved seeing your posts on The Mindful Break! 🙂

  4. You have got a beautiful site, Shinjini, I just browsed, but just the opening words ‘… Art makes me feel alive, it fires me up and soothes my soul. I believe it has the power to heal. And I want to share that power with YOU!’ express exactly how I feel about art and creating art. It is the reason I started my sARTurday linkup to show more art to the world. Don’t feel ‘stalked’ 🙂 I just followed you everywhere.
    Thank you for visiting my site.

    • Thank you Claudia! Your link up sounds like fun!! I’ll be sure to hop over and take a look-see. It’s always good to connect with fellow creatives. 🙂

  5. The Mindful break made me open an Instagram account, I don’t know how many times I have told you this Jini, but let me tell you once more, it has enlightened me a lot about how insta works and what I need to do. I would love to join when there would be another such campaign, and at that time I would be more active

    • I’m so glad that the Mindful break made you set up an Instagram account! I really enjoy Insta – it’s fun, visual, and there some amazing photographers and artists on there!

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