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There’s a current of magic that flows through our life.

I’m not talking about the Harry Potter kind of magic. I’m talking about the magic that shows up in our life – through synchronicity. Which is simply being in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people at the right time, hearing a message or a piece of music at the right time.

It’s not necessarily earth shattering magic.

But it is magical, nonetheless. A piece of music that elevates your mood. A photograph you come across that shifts your perspective. Something you read somewhere that answers your questions. Someone you meet who holds the key to helping you discover something about yourself.

We tap into this magic through soulful surrender.

But surrender doesn’t mean giving up. It means doing our work. Trusting in the Divine order of things. Even when things seem hard and unfair – there is something we are meant to learn, something that we are meant to give back once we have imbibed the lesson.

And how do we imbibe the lesson?

By willingly showing up to do our inner and outer work. When we do, the gifts of the Universe will pour forth. What this looks like can vary depending on where in life we are. In my experience, when we are already open to the mysteries of the Universe, things tend to unfold more easily than when we are stuck or lost in a fog of confusion.

But what does it mean to be open to the mysteries of the Universe?

It simply means to be connected with ourselves, to be clear on what we really love to do, what we want to bring out into the world. Because it is by following that passion where it leads us, by exploring it, flowing with it, evolving and growing with it, that we begin to open up to the mysteries of the Universe.

This I know for a fact – I have seen it play out in my own life. And now, I want to help you to tap into this creative potential.

To this end, I am working on an ecourse offering that will give you all of the tools and guidance that I used to connect with myself and to pull myself out of the fog of confusion in which I was floundering for decades. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please sign up for the course wait list and I will let you know when it is ready.
Note: you will only receive course related information. Your email will not be used for any other purpose.

And now I’m wondering – have you ever felt this current of magic flowing through your life? I would love to hear your experiences.

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  1. Surrendering to divinity is the ultimate step one can take towards higher understanding of one’s self. And, yes I do believe in the magical and mystical part of life. Good luck with the ecourse.

  2. Oh yes! There’s magic all around us and I certainly believe in it. All we need is that divine connection. There’s something magical and beautiful about that picture too!!

  3. I am happy to find your blog through the Blog-A-Rhythm, Shinjini. Some of the things you speak of here resonate very well with me. Yes, this idea of surrendering in to the unfolding of things and trusting the Divine play of things is something we all need to develop, this is the only way to find that inner peace we all are looking for. Good luck with the e-course.

    • So glad to connect with you Beloo! And it’s interesting that you said this surrender is something we need to develop, it is – and it’s also something we need to constantly remind ourselves to do. It’s easy to fall back into our control freak patterns sometimes 😉

  4. At times I have felt this and have been elated and again at times I have felt frustrated that why any magic is not happening. Yes the times of the frustrations are such when the mind gets into a clutter decision making gets clouded and we start doing mistakes.

    • Yes, which is why it is so important to have some practices to clear the clutter from the mind and to listen to our inner wisdom.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful post, Jini! And that art is wow!
    All that you’ve written so resonates with me as I believe surrendering leads you to the right direction and people.
    Loved reading this!

  6. I love the date on which you wrote this post: 11/11. I love the synchronies of such numbers. This year, I have been wondering what the Universe has been teaching me. I am not sure of its magic anymore…but it helps to read beautiful words like yours.

    • I love such synchronicity too! The magic is there, sometimes it just gets buried under a lot of hard lessons. Once you work through them, you’ll start to see it again. 🙂

  7. I believe synchronicity is happening often and I’m afraid I miss it sometimes. I wish I were more in-tune with the universe. Although, I feel I’ve made progress, I think I could do more. Love the picture by the way. It’s awesome!

    • Thank you Lisa! It was my first time experimenting with Inktense pencils & gesso.

      As for synchronicity, it take a bit of practice to notice it. The more on tune you are, the more noticeable it is. Plus, we all miss signs sometimes, so nothing to feel bad about! ?

  8. I have seen these mysteries act in my life. It’s just as you describe. Often we are told we have to “do” something. We have to seek, or plot, or plan. But really, in my experience over the last few years I DO very little. I’m not trying hard, fists clenched, brows furrowed, muscles taught, I’m opening my palm to receive. That’s it. Now, just as you say, there is work to be done, but it’s not the type of “work” people typically think of. It’s hard, but not hard in the same way. It’s an unlearning and unfurling, a discovery of what is already there if we have the eyes to see it.
    A recent example for me is wanting to find a broader writing community to connect with. I clarified the intention, knowing what I wanted and why, then just paid attention. When an opportunity arrived I took it. Like BUYB, and a new writing group I’m a part of. The key, to me at least, is to be places to see things. I can’t shut off my computer if I want to engage with people online. I can’t sit at home alone if I want to meet new people. I have to BE adjacent to or on the lookout for possibility. That’s the real work, finding the places to BE for the magic to happen, then acting on it as it approaches. But, never, ever holding on too tight.

    That’s my take anyway–thanks for letting me share. I love your mission and look forward to what you discover as you build your course and share your learnings with the world!

    • Thank you for sharing your take! So much of what you say resonates so deeply with me! People either forget completely about the magic, or expect the magic to be magical – complete unicorns and fairies!

      It is magical – but its practical magic, and you’ve expressed that beautifully!! Thank you 🙂

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