Self-care February: Are you in?

February is the month of red – red roses, red balloons, red velvet cake, red hearts proclaiming undying love for one another.

It’s the month for candlelight dinners and the exchange of gifts, flowers, and cards.

It’s the month when sappy romantic songs come blaring across the airwaves, sugary sweet, treacle like, seducing us with their promise of love eternal.

And I’m not in the mood for any of it.

But we can’t let the month of love just pass on by like any other month, can we? So how about turning it into a month of self love and self care? Now that’s an idea I like!


We start on 2 February with a special {self}love-o-scope using oracle and Tarot cards. I drew the cards and did the reading last night, and the message that came through took my breath away! In fact, I’ve had to re-think my posts for the month….they’ve become a lot deeper, if I do say so myself. Anyhoo!

The main self-care/self-love posts will be up every Monday in February – so you can look forward to some lovely practices and suggestions to experiment with. These will be a combination of short essays, tips or suggestions from my own self-care practice, journaling prompts, and links to some guided meditation or music.

I’m really excited about following the guidance myself, and I hope you find it helpful too. {Obviously, this isn’t time-bound to February, you can save the links and do these practices any time you wish to!}

Sounds good? I’m really excited about doing this; I hope you are too!

Do you look forward to Valentine’s Day or are you over the hoopla of a single day for love?

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  1. Gee.. I look forward to February….ALWAYS! Of course, because of the red hearts and velvet cakes. February begins with our wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day (no, we don’t celebrate it), sister’s birthday and the month ends with my birthday on 28th 😛 Then, it’s my Dad’s birthday followed by husband’s in the first week of March. So, yes, I am all peppy this month as we don’t have anything to look forward to the entire year.
    But oh yes. I am excited for Self-care February. That’s in my agenda as well. I am game and I will come back on the 2nd to know more. <3

    • WOW! You have one action-packed February, girl! And wedding anniversary means you have to love the red hearts and red velvet cake! Hope you have an absolutely amazing month!

  2. Gee Jini! I am planning a self care routine this Feb too, a weight loss soft skin types. In fact I was taken aback to see how this month of love always wants to get to your roots -self car

  3. I’ve been married 42 years, so Valentines Day isn’t a big occasion – we try to show love daily. But self care is a must, with my husband and I being caregivers to his elderly mother. And, so much going on in the United States; it’s a strain in its own way.

    • 42 years! That’s a lovely, long time! Showing love daily is so much more important than focusing on one day a year, IMO.

      As caregivers, the need for self-care is even more important. Add to that the developments in the US, and it seems like the need of the hour, doesn’t it?

  4. Oh, I am much more on-board with a month of self-care. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I would love to set some self-care goals for myself.

  5. I love this idea! I am always trying to find time for self-care. I’ve got a hair appointment in early February, and maybe it’s time to get back to yoga — I have a gift certificate that I need to use! 🙂

  6. I look forward to February. My sister in law’s Birthday, then S’s and my late grandmother’s too. I so look forward to February and try and make it special any way possible. This year it has to be self care. You know I so need it. Looking forward to this Jini.

  7. I hate Valentine’s Day not just for the over-the-top sappy expressions of romantic love, but also because that is the day my ex left me, so not a day I like to celebrate. I’m also single and so it’s just a reminder that I am without romantic love (note, I’m not without love in my life, just the romantic variety). Self-care is much more important.

    • That’s a part of why I don’t like these “days” – the over-the-top commercialization can have a very negative impact on singles, on people who are grieving, on those who have lost loved ones. Hence, the attempt to spread a different message this February! Self care is definitely much more important!

  8. February is special bcoz its my Partner’s birthday month. Valentines day- we don’t celebrate but yes, I would love to have a flower from him 😉
    Will be reading your posts. Self-care is something we all should indulge in.

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