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I take on the baton of Blog Love from Deepa Gandhi.

I have to admit, when I first saw the topic of this blog chain – Why I love my blog – my mind went blank. Why do I love my blog? There are so many reasons, and no reasons at all! But then, due to some personal reasons, I was unable to find words – any words, on any topic. And when I mentioned that, the fabulous Richa Singh offered to write a guest post for me. Here it is –  it brought tears to my eyes! For more reasons than I can list out, Richa, thank you!

Ghetto Blogging.

A term that has been existing in my dictionary since 2009. Also the year I started blogging.

It means when a group of bloggers start to follow each other’s content pattern and eventually form a mutual admiration society to sustain the uninspired walks of blogging- Ghetto is formed. It neither helps blogging or bloggers.

Whatever is opposite of Ghetto Blogging comes in the form of Modern Gypsy’s Blog.

Her content wakes you up in the middle of a night and question your intent in blogging at large. It threatens to keep you down for days given your lack of inspiration and clearly visible mediocrity. But in the mix somewhere you find yourself, break shackles of this very Ghetto and suddenly find your own ways.

Last year alone I have seen Modern Gypsy grow through one milestone to another. From starting an ebook to giving away printable and now planning some supremely exciting ideas for 2017 (shhh)

Why Do I love her Blog? You ask.

Because her blog has its own calling. It refuses to follow any path. Her art pieces speak volumes and in those tarot cards you see a future unfold.

Wait. Are you re-reading the last bit again?

Yes. Her blog is home to her many talents. Her writings, her art and her tarot. In between you will find those fortnightly challenges of mindfulness – which I assure you (basis first person account) are extremely needed in today’s times.

Beyond her ebook – Art Journaling 101 and of course all her mindfulness challenges, I have also experienced her online through her tarot reading.

Last year sometime in October I was embarking on probably one of the most exciting and yet difficult journeys of my life. Given my faith in Modern Gypsy and her talents I decided to give her tarot reading a chance to help solve some of my questions.

Her reading was not only accurate but extremely decisive. She helped me unfurl a lot of dos and don’ts which have been keeping afloat even today.

And you ask Why do I love her blog?

Here’s wishing her and her blog a very happy Valentine’s Day. Hope this love affair never ends.

I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Dixita Mour.

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I’m an artist and art educator, podcaster, tarot reader, and writer. I share my discoveries along the path to inspire you to live a more creative, soul-centered life. Receive my love letters for more of my musings on life and creativity. P.S. I love Instagram - join me there?


  1. Well said Richa! Three cheers and more to our super-talented dearest Modern Gypsy! I’ve been in awe of her talent ever since I got hooked to her posts on A to Z Challenge 2016. From then on we’ve stayed connected and I can vouch for all you’ve said Richa! I am still putting off my Tarot readings, tempting though it is but I am sure she is as wonderful at it as her art…its all about the passion after all! I thoroughly enjoyed the Mindful break, the Kindlethyspark series Jini did! Much love and hugs to both you dear girls!

  2. So beautifully written Richa! And I was nodding my head at every point here. *Aches no kinda** 😛
    Jini, you know how we met and how much I love your blog. Your commitment, content and love keeps getting me back here.
    Much Love,
    Ramya 😉

  3. Blog with a passion and you get all the attention. I find that every blog is unique in its content delivery. Yes, I suppose blogging is a bit similar to story telling. You need to produce interesting content that will captivate your readers and engage with them.

  4. I do have a copy of both of your ebooks, and I have read Richa’s in one night! I checked out the Art Journalling ebook for some ideas on decorating a scrapbook, and mind you, it helped me a lot! I should read both the books again before the April challenge ❤

  5. We all know that how supremely talented and gifted you’re, Jini. I can’t even count on fingers when it comes to your versatility and thoughtfulness. You’re truly a blessed artisan and a wonderful person. Hope you shower more awesomeness in the years to come. Good luck! 🙂

  6. I am referencing Adele and Beyoncé ever since the Grammy moment happened and I am going to do that again. Both of you are inspirational beyond words . Everything that you’ve achieved so far and everything that you are destined to , helps lesser mortals like me rise up from mediocrity
    This post is my Adele Beyoncé moment. And guess who is who here.
    While the world waits for their colab , this valentines day , BlogChatter got the two blogging divas of my life together and this is pure magic 🙂

    • Oh my Chandni! You girls – you’re making me cry!

      And your short stories and politics of silence series I love, you know that, right?

  7. Well said Richa, I absolutely love the art works, the free flow of emotions and thoughts represented by vivid colors… Even more beautiful are the art journals. I haven’t got to experience your tarot reading yet but I do hope I get a chance to do that too. Your posts are very different from bloggers and I love the variety.
    Ghetto blogging – now that’s a term I hadn’t heard before.

  8. And I whole-heartedly agree with Richa. You have given me an accurate Tarot reading for 2017 and I am so happy that you are only a ping away to keep my agonies at bay. I love your blog Jini and you inspire me always 🙂

  9. Whatsoever Richa has written is totally apt for Jini, I have seen my group leader how she is managing us despite our tantrums, how she looks always cool through her words like Dhoni.
    Best wishes to her and her blog ?

  10. It has been wonderful knowing you Jini and you are an inspiration for all of us. I am little jealous that Richa has written this guest blogging for you but I wish everything is okay with you . Richa when are you planning a guest post in my blog darling ?

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