Monthly Tarot forecast for March 2017

Doing the Year ahead Tarot reading for 2017 and the self-love-o-scope in February made me realize how much I enjoy doing these free Tarot readings on the blog. Since I do a Tarot reading for myself every month, I thought I’d block out some extra time and do one for my lovely blog readers as well. So, starting March, this will be a new feature on the blog – I do hope you enjoy it!

Tarot reading for March 2017

Tarot reading for March 2017

Remember, this is a general reading, and my intention with this one was: What do my blog readers need to know most for this month.

This three card reading looks at our blessing, challenges and how we can make the most of the month ahead.

You may finally be ready to leave behind an old way of being, a situation or relationship/partnership that no longer serves you (6 of Swords). It may be a bittersweet goodbye, and also a bit scary, as you may not be sure of exactly where you are headed. But it’s not always essential to know the exact destination. Instead, look at this as an opportunity to let go of an outdated way of being that doesn’t serve you any more. Though you may be dejected and worried, allow the situation to unfold instead of trying to wrestle with it – this could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

In this time of uprooting an old attachment, you may find yourself off kilter (Page of Pentacles). There may be some challenges around finances, or perhaps a new project that you’re unable to pin down. You may also find that you lack a sense of purpose – there could be constant tug between letting go and worrying about what will happen next and what people will say. You may also be worried about starting anew. Material concerns are also possible.

But remember, all cycles come to an end, as shall this one (The World), for what goes down has to come up. Stay optimistic and look for solutions instead of focusing on problem. Surrender the things that you cannot control – this will be key to navigating the month with ease. It will also help you to be open to divine intervention. Surrender, after all, allows for miracles. But what does surrender mean? It doesn’t mean giving up, it means trusting – even when you can’t see how – that things will work out for your highest good. You should start to see the signs start to sprout within the month. And remember, no matter what the circumstances, you are whole and complete and relevant just as you are!

I hope this reading resonated with you! Do let me know in the comments!

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  1. Your readings give me a feeling of being grounded… a sense of being… thanks for this one,…. I do have a fascination towards tarot reading, but I have not been able to learn anything yet…

    • I’m so happy to hear that!

      Learning Tarot does take time, so take it slowly, and have patience! 🙂

    • It does, doesn’t it? Although there is a different reading I want to do for that…I just haven’t had the time!

  2. It’s funny. The World has been coming up in my readings often. I often use the book’s interp which is “The World can be yours in this situation–it is time to try.”

    Blessed Be.

    • There are so many interpretations – traditional, new, and then, once you have a handle on those (though can you really), your own intuition!

      I’ve always seen The World as a card that represents completion and wholeness, given that it represents the end of The Fool’s Journey. 🙂

  3. It’s uncanny how I find I can relate to at least three things you’ve mentioned there – wait for a situation to evolve it may be a blessing in disguise, lacking a sense of purpose and surrendering to things I cannot control – that’s right where I find myself at this point.

    • That is awesome, I’m so happy to hear that it resonates for you! Wish you all the best as you navigate through this situation.

  4. This reminds me of a post I read this week about what you don’t do is just as important as what you do: “let go of an outdated way of being that doesn’t serve you any more.”

  5. oh I love this idea! It was so great reading this, I am saying goodbye to something that was to be a big project for me and it is hard letting go, but I decided it was not the right fit for me or our family. It is nice to think about a new direction and plan a new project that could turn out to be a blessing #mg

  6. Yes, this totally resonates with me! I’ve never had a real life tarot reading before and this absolutely fascinates me. I’m a lover of all things spiritual and firmly believe that my guardian angels are always there waiting in the ‘wings’ (no pun intended!) It’ll be interesting to see how the months pans out on the back of your reading. Thanks. #mg

    • I’m so glad it resonates with you! It’s lovely, too, to connect with so many people who love spirituality and believe in guardian angels and mystical and magical things!

    • Well, woo-hoo! Having The Doctor tell me this resonates is awesome! 😉
      I hope your upheavals get settled and sorted soon.

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