Monthly Tarot Forecast for June 2017

May seemed to go by in a blink! Work was hectic, with not a moment to breathe. My evenings were spent balancing a couple of personal projects and an exciting new offering, which I hope to share with you soon {fingers crossed}! And before I knew it, it is June already! So without further ado, here is your monthly Tarot forecast for June.

Monthly Tarot reading for June 2017

Remember, this is a general Tarot reading for June, and my intention with this one was: What do my blog readers need to know this month.

This three card Tarot reading looks at our blessing, challenges and how we can make the most of the month ahead.

I have to say, I love these cards! Such lovely energy we have for June. It’s a month for victory and celebration! A project that you’ve been working on may finally receive recognition…you may achieve a personal milestone…or perhaps there may be a big celebration – a family get together or wedding. Whatever the case may be, there will be a strong sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

When accomplishments and accolades are coming our way, it’s super important to remain balanced. Don’t let your victory go to your head, and at the same time, don’t try to hide away or downplay your accomplishment. And if you’re having a gala event, make sure you don’t run yourself ragged! Balance is the key, and perhaps the biggest challenge this month.

Remember, in all your undertakings, to check your intent…to be kind and compassionate – to others and yourself – and to operate from a place of love and compassion. It sounds lofty, I know. And sometimes it can be challenging because we are not zen monks! But we can try. When we mess up, we can forgive ourselves and try again. And slowly, operating from a place of kindness and compassion becomes {almost} second nature.

I hope this reading resonated with you. Do let me know in the comments!

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  1. Woohoo! June does sound very promising Jini! You know I totally believe in Felix Felicis! If one believes that good things are coming, they will. Cheers to a lovely June ahead, hopefully with cooling showers thrown in!

  2. This sounds promising and I hope June is good. It’s started off tough but that’s the remnants of May for me.

  3. After so many years I am again reading a Tarot forecast. This reminded me of my college days when I used to search my future in newspapers. I believe in happiness. How to enjoy June as well.

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