Contributing artist for a collaborative Tarot deck!

A few months ago if you told me that I could call myself a Tarot artist, I would have laughed until my stomach hurt. I sure as hell don’t have the time to create 78 original works of art, let alone the knowledge or expertise to figure out how to package and publishing a Tarot deck.

And yet, today I can say that I am, indeed a Tarot artist. Only, I’m not creating 78 cards {at least not yet!}.

I’ve created four cards for a collaborative Tarot deck called the Tarot Day Deck. This is a deck created by a worldwide group of roughly 55 Tarot enthusiasts and lovers to celebrate the very first International Day of Tarot on 8 July 2017!

The artwork that is coming in for this collaborative Tarot deck is gorgeous – you can feast your eyes on all the contributions {including all of mine} on the Tarot Day Deck website. A huge shout out to Janet Boyer, who is co-ordinating this massive undertaking! 

Collaborative Tarot Deck Tarot Day Deck - 9 of Swords

Here is my submission for the 9 of Swords. I’ve created my cards for this collaborative Tarot deck on the iPhone, using various apps to combine images and textures, with the final refining in Photoshop.It’s been a great way to stay creative in this searing heat, when I can’t spend too long at the painty table.

While creating the images for my cards, I wanted to stay true to the core meaning of the card, while making it easy for anyone to understand the story in the card. Won’t you help me see how successful I was in this attempt?

I want you to forget, for a moment, that is a Tarot card. Look at it as a picture prompt. What feelings does it evoke? What thoughts come into your head? There are no right or wrong answers – truly!

Do tell me what you think in the comments!

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  1. I can think of a sad child who is feeling lot of pain, or suicidal thoughts. I am not familiar with Tarot but, since you said there is no right or wrong answers..

    I think the image is beautiful and powerful. Wish you all the best.

  2. I have just begun reading about Tarot cards and am fascinated by them. Loved your 9 of swords card artwork. The hemmed in and caged feeling is aptly depicted in it. The lone sword on top makes it even more restrictive. Great work, will look forward to the finished set in July.

    • Thanks Sulekha! The Tarot is such a fascinating tool for deeper self enquiry and reflection. I love the layers of wisdom that are contained in the cards. Hope you enjoy your Tarot journey.

  3. I think of it as someone who is feeling downcast by life, dejected, powerless. Around her are swords which she could use if she chose, swords that are at her disposal yet they lie still and passive. Up above her is a sword waiting for her to grasp it and to use it – the sword of the spirit.

  4. Many congrats on the inclusion in the Tarot deck! That’s amazing! So happy when things happen and come together, isn’t it?

    Since I don’t really know how Tarot works, I’ll write a short flash fiction in the comment here using the card as a picture prompt:

    Damocles’ Sword hung over her head. Dejected, she tried to stay upbeat but the sheen of the blade seemed to magnify her fear. Gathering her thoughts, she waited for something to happen. And it did. The sword above her head began to replicate itself and as she watched in wonder, they lined themselves by her side, building a fortress. They weren’t there to attack her. They were now her allies.

  5. Wow this is so awesome.. congrats .. great project… this picture evokes conflicting emotions .. like when the mind is sad or in chaos.. it means a great strength is coming.. life is about to change.. a big decision is about to be made.. a new path to be chartered…

  6. Wow that is a great tarot card you have made. I loved this concept of collaboration with different artists to make a deck. As for the picture, my interpretation is that the girl is either caged or protected by those who are stronger than her.

  7. Congratulations! Your tarot art work is beautiful.
    I feel the girl is caged and has lost hope to get her freedom back. Maybe there is some hope.
    Very interesting collaborative project. Will check out the work of the other artists too.

  8. she looks innocent, lost, powerless, but get to close and she will reveal her true self, she will cut you with her swords and protect herself fiercely if you even attempt to hurt her. She is only pretending to be weak, she is a warrior. #mg

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