Hope for the inner child

This is a prose poem that I wrote at the start of August 2017, as I was thinking about the innocence of childhood, of how that innocence is sometimes lost or brutally snatched away. I was thinking, too, of the archetype of the inner child. It’s the part of us that retains a child-like innocence and purity, that doesn’t always understand the ways of this cruel world. And as the thoughts swirled in my mind, this poem just….wrote itself. At least that’s how it felt! I wasn’t too sure about sharing it, but the more I read it, the more I knew that someone out there needed to read this too. So, here it is.


This is for the crying child, for the abused child, for the child who never felt understood, for the child who never felt loved.

This is for the loved child, for the treasured and protected child, for the one who felt comforted and nourished, for the one who felt a sense of belonging.

This is for the in-between child, the one who felt loved and misunderstood, cared for and punished, protected and scared, nourished and hungry.

This is for the small child, the teenage child, the adolescent child, the big child, the old before their age child.

You were never unloved. You were never abandoned. You were never forgotten.

Things may have happened that you didn’t understand. You may have felt unloved and forgotten. You may have felt unwanted and maybe even defeated. You may have had to dim your light, keep quiet, walk on eggshells. You may have been loved, you may have been abused. It may have seemed horrific.

But you were never unloved. You were never abandoned. You were never forgotten.

Why, you may have asked a thousand, million, countless times. Why, you may have cried and screamed. Why, you may have begged for an answer. Why, you may have whispered as you lay there frightened and broken and alone.

The answer to each why is unique. The answer to each why will be revealed. It may feel like a travesty, but you will be able to look back and see the larger plan, the bigger design, the greater scheme.

From the ashes of that why arises an activist. From the ashes of that why arises an artist. From the ashes of that why arises a writer. From the ashes of that why arises a poet. From the ashes of that why arises a singer. From the ashes of that why arises a tender soul, ready to blaze a new trail, shine a light, raise a voice, thunder out against injustice, raise the call for better laws.

There are some who never arise from the ashes of that why. You think they are nameless, faceless, forgotten. But they have started their own quiet revolution – in their families, in their communities, in their villages, towns and cities.

Not all whys get a satisfactory answer sometimes. But every individual soul gets an answer to their why.

I hope these words bring you comfort. I know I have found power and solace in them as I have navigated through a particularly trying time these last two months. xox

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  1. This is beautiful Shinjini. Now when I see form here, I have answers to every why. True that. You have portrayed it so well. I think every child should read that and those who can’t read- should be assured that.

  2. OH wow! That is beautiful! I thought of my own inner child and how young I was when my innocence was snatched away from me in such a cruel way. It’s why I suffered from depression my whole life and it’s why I will always, to some degree, have some level of PTSD but from the ashes arises… That’s exactly what happened to me. Thanks so much for writing this. I am feeling very inspired by this:) #mg

    • I am so glad to hear that! Sending a big wave of love to your inner child. And so much love to you, for rising up from the ashes.
      And this just came through for you: “Be bold and brave. No act of cruelty has the power to keep you small or down. You have the power to rise above it all. Believe it, and it shall be so.” xx

  3. So true. Not every ‘why’ gets an answer, but it does find its purpose in life as the battered soul walks along the rough path. A purpose to help those in a similar situation, battling similar demons.
    Beautiful poem, Shinjini!

  4. I believe that from the ashes of me rose the writer. I sometimes grieve for that little girl I was, the girl that became broken, but now she is stronger and she fights for herself. This piece was truly amazing! I am so honoured you share this with #mg thank you xx

  5. “You were never unloved. You were never abandoned. You were never forgotten.”

    That’s something that’s needed to be heard at times. Like Vasantha told, it brings peace. 🙂 Thank you, Gypsy.

  6. At some point in our lives we’ve all asked ‘Why’. Sometimes we’ve found an answer sometimes we haven’t. I love your thought of using the Why as a stepping stone and making something out of it.

  7. I absolutely agree with this Shinjini. Every why has a an answer we just need to be alert and watch around. I have tried so hard and found the reason for my living on this Earth.

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