#TheMindfulBreak 2017: We start on Sunday!

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. – Jon Kabat-Zinn

This quote sums up the very essence of what a mindfulness practice is all about – to be present, without judgement, completely focused on the current moment without any attachment to our thoughts, to the past or the future.

Often, our stress and overwhelm arises from an overactive mind – we juggle roles and responsibilities with an eye to the tasks that we have to accomplish during the day and berating ourselves for all that we let slip.

But if we can just remember to stop….breathe….focus on the present moment, on the current task without future projecting and past analyzing, our worries and stress can simply melt away. 

How can you practice mindfulness?

I know, it seems easier said than done! But we can build in reminders to pause and focus on the present moment, to breathe deeply and get grounded in our bodies, to look around us and experience the sights, smells, and sensations in the present moment. A few moments of mindfulness woven into our days can help to significantly lower stress levels and anxiety.

Look up at the clouds floating across the sky.

Look down at your ground – what do you observe?

Look within yourself. How you are feeling in this moment?

These are a few simple ways to practice mindfulness.

But why Instagram?

Once you have taken this pause, click a picture, write about what you learnt, and post it on Instagram with #TheMindfulBreak hashtag.


One – it will serve as a good reminder to check in with yourself.

Two – it will help to remind you how simple moments and small pleasures can have a demonstrably positive impact on your life.

Three – over the course of 15-days, you should begin to notice a difference in how easily you step into a more mindful space, and how much more easy this practice becomes for you.

Four – having a challenge builds some accountability into the practice.

Five – everything is better and easier when you do it with friends / a supportive community!

Are you in? 

Add your Instagram account to the linky list on the main challenge page to see who else is participating. This is simply a way to help us connect with fellow participants in the challenge.

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I’ll see you on Instagram starting Sunday!

Oh, and here’s how to connect with the other participants in the challenge:

Tag your photos with #TheMindfulBreak and follow the hashtag to see what the others are posting. Like, comment, maybe find new people you’d like to follow on Instagram. Have fun!


Before you go, tell me this: what are your favorite mindfulness practices? 

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  1. Future projecting and past analyzing is so hard not to do. The more you try to stop doing it, the more you end up thinking about it leaving you mentally fatigued. Will definitely give #TheMindfulBreak a try!

  2. This is a wonderful idea, Shinjini. I don’t know if I would remember to add the photo everyday in Instagram. But I am tempted to join in. Will try my level best to remember to post. ?

  3. Ohh! its super exciting and I am in, already posted the first photo. my favourite mindful practice is spending some quiet moment alone in nature. it refreshes and rejuvenates very quickly.

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