How to learn to read Tarot cards with ease

Picture this: you log on to google, curious about the Tarot, wanting to do a spot of research to find out some information about what Tarot is, how it works, which cards to buy. So, you type in: best tarot cards for beginners and get eleventy million results.

Eeek, that’s too many! Let’s see if I can find out more about its origins instead, you think. Eleventy billion results.

Aargh! Ok, this should be simpler – how does the Tarot work? You type into google. Eleventy trillion results.

AAAHHH! You howl, and run away from the computer.

But it doesn’t have to be this complicated – pinky promise!

While eleventy million, billion, trillion may be an exaggeration, there are thousands of tarot decks and books and opinions out there. But when you’re just starting to learn how to read the Tarot cards, you need concise, clear information without having to jump through hoops to get it.

Learn to read Tarot cards with ease

This is why I created the Tarot Fundamentals ecourse.

I’ve been at the “where do I even start to learn this whole Tarot thingajammy” place. I bought a number of books, which only confused and complicated things. I bought a deck of Tarot cards, the imagery on which was horrible. The courses I found were either too esoteric or too overwhelming in their scope. There was (and still is) nothing out there that meets a Tarot novice where they are – outside the race track, wondering if they could get a peek in and some information on the nuances of running, maybe even a trial run around the track before deciding if they want to run the race.

Enter Tarot Fundamentals – all you need to take the course is healthy curiosity. We’ll look at:

  • the history of the Tarot
  • the two main Tarot systems
  • how the Tarot works
  • the structure of the cards, and much more.

I will also give you my best recommendations for which deck to buy {also a free deck resource – just print and cut}, and the best starter books {tried and tested resources that will aid you in your learning}. And there are bonuses, including a super helpful handy-dandy keyword resource list for each of the 78 cards.

Zero overwhelm, clearly presented information, and my quick method to help you learn to read Tarot cards with ease.

All of this for the cost of a good lunch! It really cannot get better than this. Interested? Click here to buy now!

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  1. Always had been curious about Tarrot cards and readings there of. And believe me I always thought that only those with the mystical powers can read the Tarot cards… Now I am clear that it could be learnt!
    Wishing you all the best for the course on Tarrot Readings dear!

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