Magnify your intention with a word of the year

Intention plus action equals magic! Decoding the year aheadOne of my absolute favorite things to do in December is to start planning for next year. Pen and paper, a hot cup of black coffee and some soft music set the scene, while I sit wrapped up in a quilt,  reflecting on the year gone by and planning for the coming year.

But it wasn’t always so

There have been years – more than I care to count – when the change of the year was met with a dreary ho-hum, couldn’t care less attitude. Years when I broke my resolutions within days if not months…years when nothing seemed to happen…nothing seemed to change.It all changed when I stumbled upon the concept of intentions and choosing a focus word of the year. To be sure, it wasn’t a dramatic, sudden change. It took some time for me to work out how having a word of the year works, and even longer to understand how intentions work. But work they do – sometimes in ways we didn’t even expect!Let’s talk a bit about intentions

I’ve often heard people talking about intentions like they were magical – set an intention and all your dreams will come true, magically! But guess what?

An intention without action is just a dream.

Intention needs to be backed up with action. If you don’t act, all the intentions and affirmations and law of attraction in the world will not help you. And what if you set intentions but cannot bring yourself to act on them? Well then, maybe it’s just a dream? Maybe it isn’t what you want, but what people are telling you that you want? It happens, and it can be hard to untangle that sometimes. This is where your word can help you.

Your word of the year + intention + action = magic

Your word of the year can help you hone in on what it is that you are wanting to call in to your life. If your intentions are not in alignment with that, maybe this is not the time to make them happen. Learning when your intentions are just dreams that don’t matter to you in the larger scheme of things opens you up to become more self-aware and in tune with who you really are.

Think on that for a while, and then tell me what you think?

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And if you want some help choosing your focus word for the year and planning a sparkly 2018 for yourself, download the Decoding the Year workbook.

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    • That used to be the case with me too Balaka, when I used to set resolutions/goals. But with a word of the year and a clear vision in mind (which is what I mean by intention), I find that my year turns out to be a lot more in tune with the vision I have. Try the workbook, I’ve found it very helpful! 😉

  1. Wonderful idea! I haven’t done resolutions in many years… try to live in the present, daily looking and course correcting. I may read this over many times before 2018! TY! #mg xoxo

    • Oh, I don’t do resolutions either! I always end up breaking them within weeks! 😉 I do a weekly check-in/course correcting, I find that it helps me stay quite in line with the way I want my months and year to shape up! xox

  2. I’ve been doing Word of the Year since 2011, maybe. Some words were more impactful than others. This year, my word was Dream. I did a lot of dreaming, but not much by way of bring them to reality. I let too many things get in my way. I am trying to decide on my word for 2018. I’ve considered continuing with Dream, but I really like finding a new word for each year, or letting it find me. I have a list of possibilities to choose from.

    • I’ve found some years when my word doesn’t align with my vision. But on reflection, that’s always been because there was something underlying that I needed to work through first; and that I have usually ended up working through by the end of the year! I don’t have a logical explanation for it, other than to say that energy follows intention (as one of my favourite witchy teachers says). Perhaps you were meant to crystallize your dreams this year? You may just find yourself raring to go next year! xx

  3. I am not usually a resolution kind of person, but I did set myself the Living Fearlessly authentic theme to my blog at the beginning of 2017 and it has helped me grow and be more in tune with who I am. I like the idea of setting a word and intention for 2018! Thank you so much for linking up with #mg

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  5. I have a word in my mind. After reading your post I will strive to focus on intention and keep doing actions to see the “magic” unfolding in the year as it happens one day at a time!
    Thanks you for the most profound equation Word+intention+action = Magic! I have fallen in love with it!

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