Why is a tarot ecourse important for beginners?

why is a tarot ecourse important for beginnersWhy should I bother with a tarot ecourse given the abundance of information out there,” you ask? Let me list out the reasons…

The tarot is a powerful tool. In fact, it is one of the most powerful tools that I have in my toolkit. I use it in my spiritual practice to help with healing, growth and self reflection; in my art practice, as a jumping off point for colours and symbols and story telling; in my writing practice, to craft blog posts, manifest my desires, and meet myself on the page.

The tarot is an ancient tool. From it’s humble beginnings as a deck of 22 playing cards, the tarot has come a long way indeed. For one, it’s expanded into a deck of 78 cards. The images and symbols on the cards have been enhanced over the years, with every artist…every deck creator…adding their own unique perspective on the cards.

The tarot is a living system. It’s constantly evolving – from fortune telling and divination to self-reflection to psychoanalysis, from ancient occult systems to new age mysticism, there is a lot is that is layered on this deck of 78 cards.

The tarot doesn’t always give up its secrets easily. After all, there are so many different layers and systems of meanings attached to the cards! It can take a lot of time, perseverance and effort to even learn the very basics about the tarot. Added to that is the very real problem of choosing the right deck of cards and being able to find the right tarot books to further your learning!

Which is why so many people are simply unable to learn how to read the tarot cards and give up in frustration.

So why is a tarot ecourse important for beginners?

I made you a video to answer that question! And I have a guest star making a special appearance too – my cat, Simba! 😉

A tarot ecourse is very helpful for beginners because it arms you the right knowledge and the correct guidance, which makes it easy for you to start learning tarot with ease. And when all of the foundations click into place, it makes you eager to learn even more!

Once you have the foundational tools you need to start reading the tarot cards, understand the structure of the cards and are able to read them for yourself, it becomes easy to layer on more meanings and systems and deepen your tarot practice.

Go from curious to confident with the Tarot Fundamentals ecourse!

I created the Tarot Fundamentals ecourse to help you start reading the tarot cards with ease. Everything that you need to start on this journey – and more – is covered in the course. You’ll get in-depth information on all the foundational aspects of tarot cards, curated resources, recommendations for tarot decks and books, fun exercises, and some juicy bonuses! By the end of this ecourse, you will be able to read the Tarot cards for yourself with ease!


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  1. Goodluck with this course. Unfortunately my December is busy with family and friends so I just don’t have the time to even deal with my everyday chores! One day though, I will have the time to do this.

  2. It was lovely to hear you talk about your passion. It really is amazing to hear of your friends and clients being enlightened. Thank you for supporting #mg this year. I will be back some time in January xx

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