Tarot reading for April 2018

I have to admit, I’m kinda sad to see the end of March. I absolutely loved the energy of the month, as I spent some time every single day at the painty table. Ah, how that makes my heart sing! I’ve also made excellent progress with my oracle card deck; now, I need to take a bit of a pause and see what elements are missing from making it a cohesive deck. As I put the deck to the test, I thought it would be fun to use them for your Tarot {rather Oracle} reading for April! This month we have a 2-card spread, that tells us what to embrace and what to release.

Remember, this is a general Tarot reading for April, and my intention with this one was: What do my blog readers need to know this month.

I had to laugh when I drew these cards. Embrace: Connection, Release: Break free. There’s something quite poetic about these cards, isn’t it?

So, this month, take some time to examine your relationships – both online and, more  importantly, in real life. Are you making time to nurture your relationships? Or are you leaning over too much into over-giving, thereby ignoring your connection with yourself? Remember that life is all about maintaining a balance between self-care and caring for others.

This card also reminds us of our connection with Mama Earth and Father Sky. Our roots grow deep and strong, grounding us; our branches and leaves grow tall and wide, connecting us; and our fruits {our actions, the way we live our life} create ripple effects in the world around us, offering sustenance and ushering in new birth and new ideas. It’s easy to forget the immensity of our being sometimes. This card serves as a reminder to connect in with the powerful, creative soul that you are.

And for those of you doing the A to Z challenge in April, this card reminds you to have fun with the challenge – focus on building connection with the blogs and bloggers that you love. Be generous in your sharing and commenting, and support one another through this challenging, exhilarating challenge!

This is also the month to break free of your fears and inhibitions; of all the thoughts that keep you feeling small and constricted. Sometimes, you may be aware of the patterns or blocks that show up in your life. Other times, these are more deep-set, showing up in the areas where you feel frustrated and stuck in a loop.

Take some time to examine what is holding you back and figure out what steps you can take to break past your fears. {And if you need help, the Going Deeper tarot reading can help you not only uncover your blocks but also give you actionable, practical advice on how to move past them.} Then take a deep breath and take those steps! It’s time to loosen the grip of the inner critic and allow yourself to shine!

I hope this reading resonated with you. Do let me know in the comments!

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  1. I had to laugh when I saw connected and break free. So much of what my journey these days is about choosing what to hold and what to let go. This was a perfect way to start my day. Thank you.

  2. This comes at a perfect time. I have been doing just that over the past month – reevaluating where and with whom I spend my time with. 🙂

  3. I took a break form blogging for a month and have come back rejuvenated. March was not a good month for me, creativity wise 🙂 Letting go of fears and what is holding us back is easy to do when we recognize the problem and want to solve it.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful oracle cards! I loved how well they went together for this month’s reading 🙂

  5. I love this! Breaking free is what I am trying to focus on this year. Breaking free is things that are holding me to the past, breaking free of my fears and self-doubt. Thank you for your beautiful words.

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