Tarot reading for July 2018

June’s gone by in a whirl of interesting new ideas, painting sessions, and FIFA World Cup matches. Germany lived up to the trend of spectacular exits by reigning World Cup champions; and Argentina and Portugal got knocked out last night. I wonder, will France lift the cup this year? They’re playing really well! But, let me not digress from the task at hand – your Tarot reading for July!

Tarot reading for July 2018

Remember, this is a general Tarot reading for July, and my intention with this one was: What do my blog readers need to know this month.

Tarot reading for July 2018

July appears to carry a bit of a heavy energy, which isn’t surprising given that we have two eclipses this month. I’ve been cycling with the moon since three years now, and I’ve noticed that eclipse season often tends to bring up a lot of change and upheaval. But it isn’t all bad – if we can bring awareness to everything that is being stirred within us, and work through it instead of fighting it, we have the opportunity to make some powerful changes and shifts in perspective.

This month, I would encourage you to turn inwards – journal, observe, meditate, ground yourself. If you have a creative practice, use that to work through any conflict or worries that may arise. When you throw yourself into a creative task – painting, knitting, cooking, baking, gardening or any other activity where you don’t have to think too much – you activate a place of stillness in your mind, which can often lead to moments of clarity and breakthrough.

While self-reflection and mindfulness are the need of the hour this month, make sure you don’t veer off into ostrich-like avoidance of any conflicts or issues that may arise. Mindfulness and working with things as they arise will help; avoiding, overwhelm and fear-based responses will only make this month seem more difficult than it should be.

There is also an indication of conflicts that could arise out of collaborative spaces – either at work, or within any other groups that you are a part of, even with extended family members or friends. The need of the hour in such situations is to maintain strong boundaries {which means that you need to understand the emotions that are yours and those that are not yours; the things that you can control, and the things that you cannot} and to respond from a place of calmness. This could mean just counting to 10 or taking a few deep breaths before you respond, rather than simply giving vent to your anger.

I’m going to say this again because it bears repeating – avoidance and giving in to fear will only make things worse. Journaling, a creative practice of some sort, and mindfulness/meditation will help you to make the most of the changes that may arise during July’s eclipse season and will be your best friends this month.

I hope this reading resonated with you. Do let me know in the comments!

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  1. You kind of spoke what I’ve been thinking about myself. I’m not a type A but amidst the many things I try to juggle, sometimes I don’t get the thinking time for myself. To introspect and declutter. I’ll try to focus my energies differently. Thanks Shinjini.

    • I hear you, Parul! We are all juggling so many things that often the first things we drop are the things that are important for our peace of mind. Hope you get some time to introspect and declutter this month.

  2. Yes, you are right. Cooking and working out are two activities that calm me immensely. Also because they give me time to be with myself. Yes, I feel that with each passing month I am looking inwards more often. This was an interesting reading for sure.

  3. Bringing in a sense of awareness and not fighting it—perhaps this speaks to me more than anything else, today. Meditation and mindfulness are things which are already helping me immensely. This month I will also aim to be more focused on claiming my inner peace as well. Thanks for the lovely pointers, Shinjini.

  4. So is there an eclipse this month? And thanks for reminding me todo some journaling . While I don’t journal, I have begun noting down my days so that I can recall events for my gratitude post!

    • Yes, there are 2 – a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. Journaling is very helpful in getting clarity on your thoughts. Hope you take some time to journal this month 🙂

        • That can also be a start to journaling. Add in some thoughts/insights on your day; some reflection – can just be a couple of lines – and that also starts to make a big difference as you get a track of your emotions and moods. ?

          • You are amazing with your tips . Will definitely follow them . In fact I was thinking of you this morning before your message came . The Universe reaffirming that I need to reach out to you perhaps ?

  5. This line says it all, so brilliantly: I’m going to say this again because it bears repeating – avoidance and giving in to fear will only make things worse. Thank you! I needed to read that just at this very moment #ablogginggoodtime xoxo

  6. Ah! This is indeed has been a challenging month for me already. Trying to balance moving out and moving into another house and then taking the first steps to my dream – exciting but scary and hard to keep your balance at times. As always, your reading speaks to me. Thank you. ♥

    • Moving houses is a huge challenge! All that packing up and then resetting things again. And all the very best with bringing your dream to life. Can’t wait to hear more about it! <3

  7. I agree. Avoiding struggle or conflict doesn’t resolve anything. If anything, all the pent up emotions led to accumulation of negative energy within us. Which is why, these days I do my best to proactively take care of the things I need to get done, as well as my state of mind.

  8. I have beeen struggling from the beginning of this month with infections at home- both myself and the kiddo. its kinda bogging me down. So the month is going to be quite a challenge, Trying to engage my existing energy in other avenues and hoping the month passes by easily.

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