Looking back at 2018: Reflections on Bloom

Bloom. That was my word for the year. Its gentle energy felt like just the thing I needed after the intensity of Illuminate in 2017.

And gentle it has been. So gentle, that until I sat down to reflect on everything that happened in 2018, I didn’t fully realize the impact it has had on my year.

Word of the year 2018 Bloom

Bloom helped me to deepen my art practice. Not only did I spend much more time at the painty table during the year, my art practice grew in depth and meaning. I noticed an improvement in my technique; found new and interesting ways to fuse art and magic/spirituality; leaned much more heavily into art as therapy, as healing, and as self-inquiry.

Part of that move unfolded with my work with the moon cycles. Bloom nudged me to take a closer look at astrology; to merge astrology and tarot with the moon phases; and to use this knowledge to create tarot spreads that tap into the archetypes of the zodiac, to illuminate new pathways and foster a deeper understanding of my desires and motivations.

Which led me to create my first mini art journaling ecourse, Atomic Lotus. But just as the bud can sometimes be afraid to bloom, the elation of creating the course and the satisfaction of everything I had poured into it, gave rise to the dreaded imposter syndrome. Which meant that for the longest time, I didn’t really say much about the course. And even when I did, the emotion was muted and constrained. Bloom made me aware of the work I still need to do in this area, to be able to look at those fears in the eye and move forward anyway.

Bloom led me, too, to create a spoken word gratitude practice, which brought big and small shifts in my life – gently, gradually, but almost effortlessly. And through its gentle ministrations, I found my way to teachers and resources and books that helped me evolve and grow and bloom on my soul’s journey.

And finally, bloom gifted me with tiny new seeds; little kernels of ideas that I’m waiting to plant and see if and how they take wing.

The gifts of bloom were gentle and varied; but now our journey is coming to a close. It is time for me to embrace the pause as I discern the word that will guide me through 2019.

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  1. You seem to have had a busy year. Hope 2019 is equally satisfying for you. I love chosing a word for the year. Somehow it sets the tone for the year. Or is it mere coincidence that things happen according to the word you’ve chosen?

  2. Bloom was a good word, indeed!
    This year, I have chosen CARPE DIEM, to remind me that life is in the now, in the present and not in the future or the past. I just wish to do my best today and live as happily as I can! 🙂 I have left my linky at Corinne’s post.

  3. What a lovely reflection! I loved how the word Bloom set the tone of your 2018 in every way possible. I haven’t finalized on my word of 2019 yet, still in the process of finding one.
    Waiting to find out your word for 2019. Wishing you a wonderful and happy new year! ❤️

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