August 2019: Tarot spread for the full moon in Aquarius

Astrology and tarot spread for the August 2019 full moon in Aquarius

The August 2019 full moon falls in the sign of Aquarius. When independent, free-thinking Aquarius hooks up with a full moon, it’s a good time to illuminate our inner wild self and celebrate everything that makes us unique. And since the Aquarius archetype isn’t afraid to get in there and get it’s hands dirty, you may find yourself chomping on the bit to act on some of the plans that have been marinating in your brain.

Spiritually, the Aquarius archetype teaches us how to be true to our own voice, to listen to and follow the calling of our own heart and soul. By learning how to tune in rather than out, by being true to the things that make us unique, we undertake the journey to individuation.

The August 2019 full moon asks us to examine that essential, eternal question: Who am I? In the onslaught of information via social media, 24 hour news channels and television shows, streaming media and all the other distractions, it’s easy to loose sight of just who we are. We end up living more in our heads than in our bodies, in an ever-elusive search for purpose or meaning, as if it is something we will find “out there”, when actually, it is always “in here”.

Astro-tarot influences for the August 2019 full moon

To throw some more light on the August 2019 full moon astrology, let’s take a look at the astro-tarot influences of this lunation. The Aquarius full moon falls in decan 3, which is represented by the 7 of Swords. This is to be interpreted in conjunction with The Star, which is associated with Aquarius.

The 7 of Swords represents deception and deceit – of things not being as they seem. This is a card of selfish self-interest, of outsmarting your opponent, and trying to figure out what makes them tick so you can use it against them later. The Star is a card of healing, rest, and hope. It represents a time to be open and true to yourself and those around you.

This, then, this speaks of the need to get clear on all the parts of yourself that you tend to hide and to fearlessly be exactly who you want to be. The August 2019 full moon illuminates all the lies we tell ourselves, all the ways in which we hold ourselves back and self-sabotage our own goals and plans. It offers us the healing balm we need to free ourselves of the shackles of the many lies we tell ourselves, of the many ways in which we hold ourselves back, and to step back in to our own personal truth and our own personal power.

Tarot spread for the full moon in Aquarius

Here’s a tarot spread to allow the light of the full moon to illuminate your way. 

Tarot spread for the full moon in Aquarius, along with an astro-tarot forecast and journaling questions.

1. Illuminate this – what is coming into your awareness with the light of this moon

2. Celebrate this – a part of yourself you need to reconnect with, which makes you different from everyone else

3. Align with this – what thought process, belief system, or mindset opens you up to your best self?

4. Shine this – how can you inspire the people around you?

5. Purge this – what is not working? Time to let it go!

6. Message from mamma moon – this is always positive

Journaling questions for the Aquarius full moon

Not a cardslinger? No problems. Try these journaling questions instead. 

1. Spend 10 to 15 minutes freewriting on this prompt: Who am I? 

2. Examine what you have written: how much of who you are is an externally defined label that simply defines your roles in society {wife, mother, etc.} and how much of it is self-defined and represents the core of your being {artist, creative, writer, etc. – these are your profound inner desires that you express in the world}

3. Are you living fully in alignment with your inner desires? {For example, one of my most profound inner desires is to express myself through my art – I am living this to a very large extent. I will examine the ways in which I believe that I am not fully living up to my artistic desires.}

4. Now look at the ways in which you’ve said you’re not fully living your desires. Are these ways in which YOU want to express yourself, or are these expressions of others that you have internalized?

5. Which desires are still lying dormant and neglected? What can you do to start breathing some life into them?

Note: These prompts are based on my own understanding of the individuation process and how I use this concept in my own growth and evolution. If you’d like to read some more about the individuation process, this article is a good place to start. 

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Working with the moon

The full moon is a time of completion. The intentions that you set at the new moon are ready to be birthed into the world. The full moon illuminates the fruits of the work you’ve done towards achieving your new moon intention and to make any tweaks as necessary. This is a good time to release any negative emotions, habits, thoughts, beliefs and to look within and shift any blocks and old patterns that don’t serve you any more.

I tap into the energy of the full moon to call in and celebrate the sign’s qualities in myself; to release any related limiting beliefs; and to express gratitude for whatever is coming up.

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