When it rains

Is August a good time to visit Goa


“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.”
― Bill Watterson, The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book

Or in my case, a sketchbook and watercolours.

But I must admit that I’m not a huge fan of the rains, especially in Delhi-NCR, and particularly on week days. Because when it rains, the roads invariably get flooded, and new potholes appear miraculously and there’s no way of knowing where they may have decided to spring up.

Braving the fear of yawning potholes that can swallow up cars is certainly not my favourite way to start – or end – the day. Many a rainy day drive finds me gripping the steering wheel, white-knuckled, whispering “please please please” on repeat.

Please let my car not break down in the middle of this knee-deep pool of water.

Please let a pothole not swallow my car whole.

Please let this traffic keep moving, even if all it does is crawl.

Suffice it to say, I do not like it when it rains.

And still, I decided to visit Goa in August, in the midst of an unprecedentedly heavy monsoon.

And I fell in love with the rains.

With the moss and lichen growing on the walls and the steps.

Visiting Goa in August during the rainy monsoon season

With the lush greenery all around me.

Goa in August

With the sound of the rain.

With sketching in the rain.

Sketches inspired by my visit to Goa

What about you? Are you a fan of the rains?

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  1. Perfect! I hate to get out of the home due to the traffic, muddy roads filled with potholes and landslides 😐 I loved your sketches inspired from your trip to Goa. Thanks for joining the blog hop again. Hope you have fun.

  2. That video was wonderful. The place looks just right for sketching on a rainy day. Rains mess up cities and the commute to and from work becomes painful. But on a holiday, they are perfect.

  3. I will not call myself a fan of the rains too. I have been there battling the NCR traffic in the rains in the evenings commuting from work in Gurgaon to the home in the northern most part of Delhi and those times were nightmares. The sound of incessant Goa rain is however soothing.

  4. Mumbai rains, more notorious than any, are a delight to spend at home, definitely not out of it! Delhi/Gurugram is no better I know! You’re lucky to have caught the Goa rains, I love Goa in the rains! So beautiful! Also could be the fact that one goes there with a holiday mindset, so automatically everything looks greener!

  5. Goa in rain is indeed beautiful. People miss the natural beauty of ghats and waterfalls while thinking about only beaches. Those are really beautiful pictures and video.

  6. Not surprised to see how much the Goa in rains seem to have inspired you, Shinjini! I loved the lush green and the moss laden views! So much around us comes alive in the rains…it’s so amazing!

  7. I am a fan of the rains but the place matters like you.

    As you do not like rains in Delhi, the same as me.

    I had been liking Dehradun’s rains when I was there.

  8. I hate the rains on days when I have to work but I love them otherwise. Just because Bangalore traffic during rains is a nightmare. Goa during monsoons is beautiful. Your post reminded me of my trip to Goa a couple of years ago during monsoons.

  9. Traffic and roads are a nightmare in Gurgaon rains; thats why I love it when I am home to enjoy it from my balcony. The mossy steps make for a gorgeous pic – you should frame it Shinjini.

  10. I love rains only when I am at home. If I have to be on the road when it’s raining…. God! I hate it!! And I can relate to all the reasons you have mentioned.
    Goa edition of rains is simply beautiful!! No wonder, it made you fall in love with it!

  11. 🙂 I think backdrop helps one fall in love with the rain. I’m thankful to have a good campus at office where the rain makes the world look even more beautiful. So can understand the post in a way!

  12. I love rains when I am indoors, and certainly NOT when I am outdoors. The streets are mucky, apart from being dotted with pot holes, and my shoes get wet and removing them is a major pain as wet shows take such a long, annoying time to come off! And, my umbrella gets stolen when I visit a supermarket for grocery shopping and I am left with someone else’s broken, almost skeleton-like umbrella; and the clothes don’t dry despite being right under the fan for two consecutive days!
    I love the rains, though, for the coolness they bring along, and the scent of the wet earth, and the beautiful rainbow and the waterfalls.

    Loved those pictures you clicked, and also the painting you made, Shinjini! 🙂

    • haha! You sound just as grumpy about the rains as I am, Shilpa! I do love the smell of wet earth and the chance of spotting rainbows. If only offices would close when it rains, I think I’d enjoy it more 😉

  13. My dad was posted to Goa for two years and I often made a trip there in the rains. While I agree it looks beautiful in the rains, it was awful to have our foodstuff get mouldy……Rains are best enjoyed from a warm cozy home. I hate walking down in the rains because it gets squishy and splashy – the rain water gushes down like a river of Babylon. And after a walk in the rain it is advisable to take a dose of Doxycycline for fear of getting Lepto.

  14. I find the sound of rain incredibly soothing. It’s like the music of my soul. Although when stuck in traffic, rain can be such a menace. I love the vibrant color of moss and the lichens. So beautiful!

  15. All things wonderful seem to have their downsides, don’t they? Rain is no exception. I do not like floods, or mold (though mold can be beautiful, looked at in the right way, such as under a microscope!) – but I do love the rain, and without it, the earth turns dry and dusty and parched. Life NEEDS rain.

  16. I love to drive in the rain! but from the safety of my car, with my music on. But yeah I understand your emotions on the potholes situation too. The problem of big cities. Riding a bike in rain is a different ball game altogether. You have to avoid the rain in your eyes, stay away from puddles, dodge the buses that may douse you with muddy water anytime! But fun all the same!

  17. Wow, love your blog…it’s so beautiful!! And, for the post, I hate rains…seriously but have always found the moss covered rocks so romantic and inspiring. A delightful read and what lovely pictures!!

  18. Yes, the road gets flooded when it rains heavily on weekdays but then also I love to go out in rains because it is simple don’t take car out, go on a two wheeler and make most of the season as you enjoyed in Goa.

    • Ah, I wish! But when you have to get to work, you can’t take a two wheeler and enjoy the season. In Delhi NCR a two wheeler would also mean having dirty, mucky water splashed on you. Not fun!!

  19. I agree I am not a fan of rain in delhi but I love it when I am in the hills or my hometown!! The freshness the rain brings is beautiful and so calming like your pics of Goa!! Loved your post

  20. Lovely pictures! Goa is indeed beautiful in the rains.Though this year the rains were a little harsh but still welcoming. #MyFriendAlexa #ShubhraReads

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