#WordlessWednesday: Through the window

I love taking photographs through the window of a moving car. As I point and shoot, I end up with a roll full of images – some blurred; some without any focal image or meaning; and some, like this one, that capture a sense of timeless, stark beauty.

Much like life, if you think about it. Some events pass us by in a blur; we struggle to find the meaning behind some of our trials and tribulations; some events help us grow; others are like glittering highlights that we will remember for as long as we live.

Which brings me back to this tree, its bare branches reaching up for the sky, shedding old leaves so new ones can emerge. There’s a lesson for us there, if you think about it.

A lesson of letting go; of walking through the darkness trusting that new life will emerge; of rooting in and reaching up, even if we are the tallest tree in our area. Of allowing ourselves to shine. To stand proud and strong. To accept ourselves as we are.

Or maybe, it’s just a tree growing out there in the wilderness, and I’m just a philosophical old fool, trying to find meaning in almost everything.

Do you look for messages in the images or scenes around you? And what do you see in this image? A tree growing on the road, something similar to what I see, or maybe something that’s unique to you? Do tell me in the comments!

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  1. Well sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. But it’s nice I think, to find messages in things around us. I love the picture, the tree standing stark and tall.

  2. Loved the stark beauty of the image. I think the caption that comes to my mind upon seeing this tree is —”Take me as I am.” I do tend to think that not everyone finds messages in the little things they see around them! I think one needs to have a certain frame of mind and be a certain type of person to indulge in such reflections. And, what’s wrong in being a little philosophical every now and then? I actually love to ponder on such thoughts. 🙂

    • Take me as I am – yes, I do see that now that you mention it! And I guess you’re right…not everyone finds the messages in the things around them. There are many times when even I don’t really stop and think. I guess it has a lot to do with our frame of mind too. 🙂

  3. Almost always I see meanings and messages and verses in objects and scenes around me and it fills me with profound happiness. I know the absurdity in this. No one other than I can understand that feeling i believe. But maybe you can, Shinjini, I feel so after reading this.
    That’s a beautiful click evoking a stranded thought from within. <3

    • Ah, another kindred soul! I don’t think it’s absurd, though, to see messages and meanings in scenes around you. And yes, I completely understand the feeling. Even when the message is one that comes as a wake up call, it makes me happy – to know that I had the awareness to listen to the Universe and course correct.

  4. I love taking pictures from moving car too. Sometimes you come across things and scenes that just need to be captured. This is a lovely photo.

  5. I am always in wonder of daily miracles of nature. The tree shedding leaves, going barren, then sprouting pretty green baby leaves, maturing to a rich green, then red and brown..the cycle is so perfect. Life goes on around the tree while it goes on with its own changes, standing tall all the while. Ok, another philosophical old fool afoot! ?

    • Yes! Let’s gather together all the philosophical old fools and philosophise together! ? And I love looking at the cycles of nature and reminding myself of the cyclicality of life…and time…

  6. I actually do exactly that… look for extrapolate meaning out of random scenes in my life often with even inanimate objects around me.

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