Art journal with me: Mixed media florals

How to paint mixed media florals in an art journal

I’ll let you on on a little secret today. I suck at painting flowers. Much as I love them, much as I admire floral paintings, I am just not very good at painting flowers.

And still, that is just what I am sharing today – my attempt at painting fun mixed media florals in my art journal.

I’m using a journal I made out of a shopping bag, so all the pages already have some color and collage on them, just waiting for inspiration to strike. {You can see a snippet of the creation process here.}

How to paint fun mixed media florals in an art journal

I walk you through the entire process of painting mixed media florals in the video below, telling you what I was trying to accomplish and why I did what I did.

While I started with some color and collage on the page already, you can choose to go one of two ways:

1. Start off with a layer of color and collage yourself and then follow along with me. You can choose any colors and any random bits to collage on. Most of it will get covered.

2. Start directly with the painting. Sketch in a vase shape and then join me in doing some fun, abstractish finger painting, and we’ll create our flowers from there.

Tip: Try and cluster some of your floral colors around the vase. It will make the process a bit easier for you.

Mixed media florals: Supplies list

Mixed media art journaling how to paint mixed media florals


Acrylic colors: purple, pink, orange, red, aqua green, payne’s grey, titanium buff, yellow

White uniposca paint pen

Derwent colorsoft pencils: black

Derwent pastel pencils: green

Zig brush pen: green

Uniball signo white gel pen

Sakura micron

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and my ramblings and struggles to get this page to work {wink!}.

Healing with art

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  1. The video is amazing. It’s like watching a wonder unfold. I love how comfortable you are with the colours, how sure. I’d probably sit and think for hours before I pick up a colour.

  2. Wow! You made a journal out of a shopping bag!! You are so creative and skilled, Shinjini. I am mesmerized by your art works! Liked the little details like the blue behind the flowers, the little dots, the white in the loops of the alphabets…. they add so much to the entire painting! Great work.

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