October 2019: Tarot spread for the full moon in Aries

Tarot spread for the October 2019 full moon in Aries

The October 2019 full moon falls in the sign of Aries. The Aries archetype is known for its bold – often rash – action, for going where angels fear to tread. The Aries archetype is nothing if not bold, preferring to act first and think later. As the first sign of the zodiac, it represents the active core of our spiritual journey on earth.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that spiritually, the Aries archetype teaches us about action. And as most of us know, it’s easier to talk about the things we want to do than to sit down and do them. Aries teaches us that courage is the key to unlocking the full potential of this spiritual principle. And that comes from connecting your head to your heart, focusing your will, and taking consistent action.

The October 2019 full moon highlights our deepest shadows and fears. Think back to the Aries new moon in April – the mindset shifts that you initiated then should be coming to fruition now. Any lingering fears will be illuminated and you will have the chance to work through and shift them at this time. And if you resisted taking action then, chances are that this Aries full moon will force you to act on and metabolise your fears.

Astro-Tarot influences for the October 2019 new moon

To throw some more light on the April full moon astrology, let’s take a look at the astro-tarot influences of this lunation. The Aries full moon falls in Decan 2, which is ruled by the 3 of Wands. This is to be seen in conjunction with The Emperor, which is associated with Aries.

The three of wands speaks of embarking on a journey after all the plans have been set in the safety of all that was familiar. There’s a sense of security and stability, and a readiness to shine. It also carries a sense of personal power and a clear awareness of your place in the world. The Emperor represents leadership and clarity of vision; as well as worldly knowledge and wisdom gained from life experiences.

This, then, points to trusting that you have what it takes to achieve your goals and desires. It speaks of the confidence and the will to make your goals manifest. Of the importance – nay the necessity- of doing the work to change your mindset and being unafraid to take risks. There’s a strong warrior energy to this Aries full moon, and if you can tap into it, it can help you to take some bold strides towards achieving your full potential.

Tarot spread for the Aries Full Moon

Here’s a tarot spread to tap into the energy of the full moon.

Tarot spread and journaling questions or the October 2019 full moon in Aries

Face your Fear: this card represents a fear that’s being illuminated at this time. {Tip: pay attention to the suit of this card.}

Find your Courage: this card represents an attitude/mindset shift to metabolise the fear.

Be a Warrior: this card shows you the action steps you must take to anchor in your new found courage.

Aries speaks: this is your pep talk card. The bold voice of courage that simply refuses to be afraid. What does the Aries archetype have to say to you now?

Mamma moon says: a final message of love.

Journaling questions for the Aries full moon

Not a cardslinger? No problem! Here are some questions to reflect on instead:

1. Have you noticed any fear-based thoughts that have regularly been raising their head recently? List them out.

2. What are some ways in which you can address these fears? Some may need a perspective shift, others may not really hold up in the light of day, once you’ve written them down in black and white.

3. Choose one of the fear based thoughts and pick a few action items that will enable you to shift that fear.
{For example, I had a fear of sharing my art with the people I knew, because I was afraid of what they may think and the judgement they may pass. My action steps were to start sharing on a platform like Instagram, where {at the time} none of my friends/acquaintances were following me. I gave myself two weeks of sharing there before implementing my next action step: to share with some very close friends who would be supportive and encouraging. Once I had done that, I slowly started to occasionally share my art on Facebook; then I shared more freely on Facebook; and now, again, I rarely share on Facebook, but that is by choice, not fear.}

4. Write a short and sweet pep talk to prop yourself up if the fear threatens to overwhelm you.

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Working with the moon

The full moon is a time of completion. The intentions that you set at the new moon are ready to be birthed into the world. The full moon illuminates the fruits of the work you’ve done towards achieving your new moon intention and to make any tweaks as necessary. This is a good time to release any negative emotions, habits, thoughts, beliefs and to look within and shift any blocks and old patterns that don’t serve you any more.

I tap into the energy of the full moon to call in and celebrate the sign’s qualities in myself; to release any related limiting beliefs; and to express gratitude for whatever is coming up.

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