Looking back at 2019: Reflections on Flourish

Reflections on flourish

Flourish. That was my word for the year. It felt like the perfect combination of growth and ease after the very gentle energy of Bloom in 2018.

And a perfect combination it has been. So much has happened in 2019, that I’m still wrapping my head around it all.

Flourish helped me to deepen and expand my art practice.  I spent much more time at the painty table – even during the summer, which used to be my leanest art period, and my artistic voice and vision grew louder and deeper.

Part of this was down to my first ever 100 day project, where I explored 100 days of painting intuitively. This approach to painting, of trusting my impulses and following my intuition where it leads, without any idea or plan, led to the creation of a sizeable body of work. This, in turn, led to the kindling of new artistic dreams, and the validation of those dreams came in the form of some amazing feedback on my intuitive paintings, and a feature on artist Louise Primeau’s website.

It didn’t stop there, though. Flourish led to the most unexpected of opportunities – an invitation to join the Art Bundle for Good. I have no idea how this opportunity came about, but I embraced it with zero expectations and a heart filled with gratitude. One, for the validation of my path and heart’s work; and two, because it gave me the chance to share my mission and my unique approach to art with a much wider audience than I could reach on my own.

That wasn’t the only opportunity that came my way, though. Flourish also brought with it recognition for my work with the moon cycles and tarot – which led to an opportunity to teach in an international collaborative tarot ecourse and bagged me a free spot on a moon-based art magic course that starts next year. There were many other collaborative opportunities too, including one for an online summit, which I turned down as it didn’t align with my values or goals.


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And that was the other gift of Flourish – it helped me to become clearer about the direction in which I want to grow. This made it easy for me to say no even to the shiny things that most other people would have said yes to. The work that started with Bloom, of being able to look at my fears in the eye and move forward anyway, deepened significantly this year, as I embarked on a shadow work journey to come into deeper wholeness and alignment with my authentic self.

Flourish also led me to go deeper by undertaking a depth year. Deepening into my art and spiritual practices, and being mindful of where and why I am spending my time and resources, helped me to come into greater alignment with my soul’s truth.

Through the course of this year, I learnt that to flourish, it is essential to prune. Pruning back on a number of purchases – of books, ecourses, random art supplies – freed me up to focus on what I have and to use it well. I realized that the constant search for newness often means that I don’t focus deeply enough on my own learning and mastery process, as I’m constantly looking for the next shiny new thing, and grappling with the fear of missing out. Flourish, and the depth year, really helped me to see the value in embracing what is in front of me.

And finally, flourish gifted me with expansiveness and focus; with a new way of being and operating in the world.

The gifts of flourish were bountiful and varied; but now our journey is coming to a close. It is time for me to embrace the pause as I discern the word that will guide me into a new decade.

 Do you choose a word of the year (WOTY)? Do tell me in the comments!

And if you find choosing a WOTY stressful, do read this article by my friend Corinne.

Need some help choosing a word of the year, or with making some delicious plans and goals and dreams for 209? I’ve got you covered!

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  1. Bloom and Flourish at truly glorious words. It gave me a feel so fresh Shinjini. As I read this post, I could relate to myself looking at the next shiny thing and wanting it. However, it is clear that it doesn’t help us with our goals anyway, it is merely a distraction. Such a lovely post. I like choosing words. I chose Simplify in 2018 which worked really well for me, however 2019 I chose calm and I am only coming to terms with it now. I think what worked for me in 2019 was SURVIVE. I’m chosen something that I really need for 2020. I’d love to read about yours too for 2020. Meet you soon.♥️

  2. It is so true that when we focus what we have and don’t run after every other shiny thing, we flourish better. Our aim is clear and we focus better in the correct direction.
    My word of the year was FOCUS and I am proud and thankful that I had been able to focus on my writing and reading in a much better way though a long way to go.

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