My year of depth: A framework for my 2020 depth year

My depth year framework for 2020

Last year, I decided to undertake a depth year – an entire year where I didn’t start any new hobbies or acquire new possessions that I did not need. You can read this post for more information on what a depth year is; I’ll wait!

And though I did not achieve everything I set out to focus on, and slipped up in some areas, the overall experience was pretty darn good. Which is why I’ve decided to do another year of depth – and I’m incorporating some of my learnings from last year when it comes to designing my depth year framework for 2020.

My depth year art plan

My art flourished last year, partly due to the parameters I set for myself under my depth year framework. I’m sticking to a similar plan this year as well.

As part of my depth year this year, I will not be buying any new art courses. I caved in last year and bought a few – not going to happen this year! I will also not be buying too many new and shiny art supplies. The focus will be mainly on replacement supplies and canvases. Although if a particular supply catches my fancy and delights me, I will indulge!

As for art styles/forms, I plan to continue to paint intuitively this year. I’ve found a depth and an expansiveness in the process, which I want to explore further. I also plan to focus on sketching, and as was the case last year, to allow myself to stay open to inspiration from wherever it comes.

Going deeper with my spiritual practice

Unlike last year, when I wanted to spend a month or a quarter on different spiritual modalities – a plan that fell flat on its face – this year I’m planning to focus on just a few.

Astrology and understanding the natal chart as a tool to understanding myself better is one area I plan to work on this year. I also plan to continue to deepen my understanding of astrology and the moon cycles, adding in an exploration of Sabian Symbols in the astro-tarot forecast and tarot spread I share on the blog on each new and full moon.

I also plan to focus on written journaling. While I have been a long time journal keeper, my practice has become a bit patchy over the last few years. It stops and starts and stops again, and this is something I want to change. I also want to journal in a more focused, thematic manner, as a way to really deepen my connection with myself and to dig deep into different aspects and areas of my life. To this end, I have created a set of thematic journal prompts for the first three months of 2020 – this month, for example, I’m focusing on exploring where I am NOW, getting clear on my wants and desires, and examining the things that make me tick.

My depth year plan for books and reading

I’m not changing much in this plan from last year. I still do have a lot of books, from fiction to non-fiction; tarot to astrology; art to lettering, and more! While I’m not putting a no-buy clause on fiction, I am limiting myself to buying just five new fiction titles this year.

I’m keeping the door open to add to my spiritual and non-fiction library, but any additions will be limited to my areas of focus and each purchase will be made very mindfully and only if absolutely needed.

I’m also aiming to read 24 books in 2020. I’ll be following the prompts from my 2020 book bingo challenge – join me?

One thing that I wanted to do last year but didn’t was to re-read Women Who Run With the Wolves – slowly – and journal and create art alongside the reading. This is still something that I want to do – it’s just a case of not having enough time and being a lot more interested in intuitive painting than concept-based art at this point in time. I’m still adding this here so that I can give it a bit of a think and tweak as needed.

And there you have it – the broad strokes of my depth year! There’s so much juiciness to dive into, and I’m really excited to see where this dedicated focus and practice will take me.

What areas are you planning to focus on this year?

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  1. 2019 was a wonderful year of creativity for you, Shinjini and I enjoyed watching you flourish. I too am not investing much on buying stuff this year, but planning to go deeper into what I have. Here’s to a wonderful 2020 for all of us!

  2. Such a lovely thought to engage yourself in Depth again this year Shinjini. I’m on a no-buy pact this year. So I’d only pick books from the library if needed. Otherwise I’ve chosen Communicate and hoping to accomplish this. All the best. Looking forward to see more Art soon.♥️

  3. Depth year is a new way of looking at a year for me. I like it how you have explained it and how you intend to go about it. For me, I think my spiritual progress has hit a massive roadblock especially in the last 2 years due to the constant feeling of overwhelm. I need to work on dealing with it in 2020.

    • You can make a year of depth for your spirituality and wellness practice. Maybe 2-3 areas of focus, and what/how you want to deepen it. What practices you want to learn/practice regularly. And you’ve already figured out what you need to cut down on to deal with the overwhelm. Hope 2020 is better for you, Anamika!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful plan Shinjini and I hope you are able to stick to it. I am such a hoarder of stationary and cant imagine a ban like this on myself. I do have a book ban in place since past 3 years but somehow I end up buying 4-5 books. Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and just buy 5 books in a year to add something new to the TBR.

    • I hope so too, Shalini! Fingers crossed. Stationary is so hard to resist! So I made a pact with myself – I buy more stationary only if I’ve used or am using what I already have. That seems to have worked for me.

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