Art journal flip through: 2019

Art journal flip through to inspire your creativity

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’d know that I’m a moon baby. I tune in to the cycles of the moon to do some journaling and throw down some tarot or oracle cards. I also use the moon phases to create some art. Specifically, I create art on each new and full moon.

This is a practice I started way back in 2015, based on a (then) free ecourse offered by Effy Wild.

What started as a way to simply ensure I was making at least one piece of art (because back then, I was creating only on the new moon), evolved over the years into two art journal spreads + a deep dive into astrology, tarot, and journaling – an entire spiritual practice and ritual.

Art journal flip through

Here’s a flip through of my moon journal from 2019 + a little chat about my creative practice and how my art evolved over the course of the year.

I hope you enjoy this look into my art journal, and that it inspires you to start an art – or other creative – practice of your own!

Here's an art journal flip through of my art journal from 2019. I hope this flip through gives you some ideas and inspiration, and that it encourages you to start a creative practice too!

And if you’re curious about how to work with the moon, let me know in the comments. It may just push me to write that post on working with the moon that has been languishing in my drafts forever! {Surely I’m not the only lazy blogger around, who has drafts languishing that just don’t see the light of day!}

Healing with art

There is so much joy and healing that I find at the painty table. It’s a joy I wish everyone could experience. Which is why I love to create mini art + soul ecourses that include curated guided meditations, journaling questions, and an art journal project from start to finish. The videos are broken down into easy to watch segments, which makes it perfect even for the most busy people to watch and create! You can find all the ecourses and sign up for one or more here.


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  1. Showing up is key! 80 paintings that’s amazing, Shinjini. I watched the video right through and besides the evolution of the paintings, I see a much more confident you! You are an inspiration. Keep shining your special light! ♥

  2. I really enjoyed looking at your art journal. I like to make handmade cards and I also like to paint. I’ve been thinking more and more over the last few weeks about starting an art journal and your video has given me the push that I needed to start.

    I also do my own tarot readings so I’m really enjoying you blog.

    • Oh how wonderful! I love it when I’m able to inspire people towards their creativity. I’d love to see pictures of your artwork too.

      And I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog. It’s great to meet people who share similar interests. xx

  3. Your flip through is a delight to watch. Such bold colors and patterns, and the eyes of women that you have painted has so much depth in them. You have now inspired me to create one for myself this year 😊

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