Tarot forecast for February 2020

Tarot forecast for February 2020

I’ve decided to bring back the monthly tarot forecasts for the collective. I find that these are a good way to tune in to the energy around us and to use it to out advantage as we go through the month. There are months when the energy may be heavy, and these monthly tarot forecasts can help us to understand what’s going on and how we can shield ourselves from what’s happening in the collective unconscious.

I’m using the Wild Unknown Archetype cards to pull the theme or energy that we are being called to focus on as a collective, and two tarot cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck to provide some additional guidance and clarity on how we can best use and understand the archetypal messages.

Tarot forecast for February 2020: The archetypal energy

February presents us with the archetype of The bridge. Two hands reach out towards one another in space and time. Between them, a rainbow bridge, below them, a colorful rainbow reflected in seemingly choppy waters.

This archetype speaks of the universal need to reach out to one another, to understand different perspectives. It asks us to try to honor and yet celebrate our differences. This is the archetype of acceptance. Of opening up and saying yes – to expansion, to new ideas, to trusting the liminal and the unknown, rather than saying no – closing down, shutting out, withdrawing. It’s a calling in rather than a calling out.

Looking at it from a more global perspective, the February 2020 energy forecast is a call to come together as one human family, rather than to withdraw, separate, and ‘other’ ideas and people who are different from us.

Drawing the archetype closer to ourselves, to our lives, we can look at the bridge as a connection between the mundane and the mystical…and also between the seemingly unconnected parts of our life.

So really, any place where we separate, where we other, where we reject, the bridge asks us how we can accept, integrate, join.

It may be helpful to think about how bridges are built. About the necessity for conducting a topographical survey, factoring in distances and terrain, building up a solid architectural plan, and then creating a solid foundation and examining the scientific principles on which the materials and design is chosen and the bridge finally built.

How can you look at this very mundane, practical process and apply it to a spiritual/self-development model?

Some questions to ponder may be:

  • What are the foundations on which you are building your life?
  • What are the structures that are supporting you?
  • Where are the fault-lines in your worldview?

Tarot forecast for February 2020: Anchoring in the archetypal energy

Bringing it down from the soupy, liminal world of archetypes and anchoring it into the mundane human world is the story that is being told by the Three of Swords and Temperance.

So far, 2020 has brought heartbreak and horror on a global scale. From the horrifying bushfires in Australia, to the sudden passing away of sporting legend Kobe Bryant, the outbreak of the novel corona virus, to sustained protests in India, and the continued rise of the right wing across the world. What we are seeing right now is heartbreak and destruction.

When you plug in to the energy of the collective – and we are all at some level plugged into the collective – the story is one of broken bridges and a dysfunctional human family. We didn’t get here in a day, it’s been a slow march to where we are now. Our ideologies dividing us. Collective shadows rising. And make no mistake, the rise of the far right is a collective shadow. I’d go so far as to call it a broken patriarchal model that is rising for one final hurrah before the feminine awakening can light up the collective. How long this will take is anyone’s guess. It may happen in our lifetimes, or it may not.

But we are being called to be keepers of the light. To anchor in to our bodies. To pull back our energy within. To tend to our heart and our hearth and our families and our friends. And from the deep center of our hearts, to open to the light. Because it is only by changing the microcosm that we can change the macrocosm.

It is our love, our compassion, our bridging together of different ideologies and beliefs and religions and faith that is the only medicine that can heal the collective.

And we do this on a personal level. One person, one conversation at a time. Instead of pushing away, can we meet on middle ground? It can be hard, but by showing up in love, by standing up for the oppressed and the voiceless, slowly, one heart, one mind at a time we can model a better, more compassionate and loving way to show up for our human family and for the world at large.

When we zoom in further, into the minutiae of our daily lives, the story is still one of heartbreak and sorrow and healing.

  • Where do you feel broken?
  • Where are you raw and hurting?
  • What questions keep you awake late at night?

Can you sit with this hurt, with this heartbreak, with this deep inner sorrow and let it move through your body. Feel it. Witness it. In the witnessing, lies the medicine that will alchemize that sorrow and heartache into wisdom, resilience, and a new perspective.

The medicine that Temperance offers comes through deep acceptance, mindfulness, and grace. Open to it, allow it, and gently let that sorrow and hurt wash away from your soul.

I hope this tarot forecast for February 2020 resonated with you on some level. If you have any a-ha moments or anything you’d like further clarity on, please let me know in the comments.

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  1. I totally love this line – It’s a calling in rather than a calling out. It makes so much sense.

    The today we are in needs so much help that we need to reach out and do what all we can. Yes, it needs to be done on a personal level by one and all so that we have a decent enough place to call home. We are just a month into the new year and we already need help for the basics. All of us need a new perspective. We totally do.

    • We sure seem to have forgotten the basics. The world we grew up in was one of tolerance and respect for different traditions and cultures. The world we are in today seems to have completely turned on its head. I hope we wake up before its too late!

  2. I love these forecasts of yours. I am very fascinated with the Tarot cards so this is good reading for me. I agree with your views and find deep acceptance, mindfulness, and grace as you mentioned very apt for us.
    Have you read The Magician by Sonia Rao? One of the protagonist is a tarot reader. It was different and interesting book. 🙂

    • Very happy to hear that these readings resonate with you, Inderpreet. I haven’t heard about this book – will look it up!
      P.S.: If you’re interested in tarot cards, I have an online tarot ecourse for beginners – do check it out! 😉

  3. I love that you are getting this series back. It has always resonated with me. When you say deep acceptance, mindfulness and grace – that’s where I need to be. I need to accept some changes, be mindful about it and be graceful about it. Thanks for reaffirming that for me, Shinjini.

  4. You’ve certainly summed up the horrors of 2020 so far! The rise of the right on a global scale is especially troubling. You said: “It is our love, our compassion, our bridging together of different ideologies and beliefs and religions and faith that is the only medicine that can heal the collective.” This is the solution, however, it will be difficult to achieve. Here’s hoping!

  5. This forecast is so true for the times that we are living in. Just slightly over a month into this year and we have already seen so much death, destruction and chaos. Hope we come together and find our peace.

  6. I’m so glad you restarted this series. I’ve always found them relatable. Create bridges! Accidentally, that’s what I’ve been doing these last few days of the month. So, Voila! Thanks again, Jini and wish you all the best for your exhibition!

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