100 day project 2020: 100 days of creative explorations

A variety of art supplies, brushes, and paint tubes on an art table

At the very last minute, I’ve decided to jump into the 100 day project again this year! {Wondering what that is? Check out this post on the 100 day project and how it can help you kick-start your creativity.}

I envision this as another working project, which means that I am not necessarily looking at 100 completed pieces of anything. But I am committing to 100 days of creative explorations – in whatever form it may show up.

The idea for this process stems, partly, from the lockdown and from all the art I’ve been doing recently. Somehow, while we are confined within these four walls, my creative mind has been set free.

Ideas and tools that I was a bit hesitant to try before are now making their way onto my art table. I’m exploring different ways of working. And with all the free art classes and inspiration that is out there thanks to this lockdown, I am dipping into the processes of numerous artists. And there are some ideas that are begging to be explored more, in my own unique style.

So that is what this exploration is all about. All the ideas, techniques, and styles that I wanted to try out. New ways of using materials that I’m discovering. Some zentangles and lettering, perhaps. A deeper exploration of mark making. And combining art materials like a crazy scientist! For now, it’s all open – it’s all an ongoing dialogue between me and my creatrix.

If you’d like to see what I’m up to with this project, follow the hashtag #100daysofcreativeexplorations on Instagram!

Are you doing the 100 day project this year? Share your hashtag in the comments so I can follow along with your explorations too!

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  1. I love this idea and I am gonna do it 😁 There’s an artwork that has been pending for year now. This would be a great opportunity to finish it. Looking forward to your beautiful artworks 😊

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