April 2020: Tarot spread for the full moon in Libra

Tarot spread for the April 2020 full moon in Libra

The April 2020 full moon falls in the sign of Libra. The Libra archetype is closely associated with justice and maintaining balance in social interactions and within the self. They are the true diplomats among the zodiac archetypes, and focus on fair dealings in all their relationships.

Spiritually, the Libra archetype teaches the principle of intimate balance, of the ability to remain centered and true to yourself no matter what may be going on around you. This is a skill that can be particularly helpful for those of us who turn up our noses to societal expectations as we dance to the tune of our own drum beat. Being able to remain centered is also an important skill to have if you’re surrounded by toxic people – and in these times, even toxic politics! One of the best ways to remain centered is through the breath, and through being able to distinguish between the things that are in your control, and those that aren’t.

The April 2020 full moon also highlights our daily routines and responsibilities, as well as our health and wellbeing. This dovetails into “life in the time of corona” – thanks to the global pandemic, our daily routines have been disrupted and a lot of us are facing mental health issues. Our wellness practices, however, can ground us. And this full moon highlights the importance of making our peace with the “new normal” we find ourselves in, and to build up new routines and wellness mantras that can support us through this time.

{Also read the April tarot forecast, which speaks much more deeply to the journey we are being called to undertake as a collective at this time.}

Astro-tarot influences for the April 2020 full moon

To throw some more light on the astrology of the full moon in Libra, let’s take a look at the astro-tarot influences of this lunation. The Virgo full moon falls in decan 2, which is represented by the 3 of Swords. This is to be interpreted in conjunction with Justice, which is associated with Libra.

The 3 of Swords represents a period of deep sadness, grief and trauma, as well as emotional release. It indicates that we need to learn and endure a painful truth or hard lesson. Justice is about the balancing of the scales. About weighing our decisions and the pros and cons of our actions, while ensuring that we are fair in our dealings. It also indicates the need for us to think over the things we have said and done, and to account for our actions.

This, then, speaks quite eloquently to coming into right relationship with ourselves and with the people around us. Another thing that assumes even more significance during this pandemic.

Self-isolation and social distancing are probably two of the most hated words of 2020. Some of us are far away from ailing parents; some of us are alone at this time; some of us are stuck at home with rambunctious children. Cabin fever may be getting to us. Anxiety and panic may have dug its claws into our hearts.

And still, there is an invitation here to grieve and…to make space for the grief and anxiety; to hold space in whatever limited capacity we can for others; to self soothe; to sit down with ourselves and observe our responses.

Get curious about how you are reacting….about why you are acting in a certain way…Get curious about finding tools that may not necessary banish the anxiety, but at least lessen it. {This guide on overcoming loneliness, boredom and anxiety during the pandemic may also help.}

For me, that looks like going out onto my terrace and watching the sky. It looks like bring my fears to the page – both to write them out and to paint them out. Some days it looks like allowing myself to just curl up on the couch and go blank. The invitation is to look at this and…

There is no doubt that as a collective, we are going through a 3 of Swords period – a time of deep grieving; of feeling betrayed by the delays in addressing this pandemic; the deep grief that comes with the not knowing and the uncertainty.

The invitation is offered to us though the lens of the Justice archetype. There is a balancing of the scales that is taking place currently at a collective level. From the relentless pace of modern day life, we have all been forced to pause, to slow down, and perhaps even to go back in some ways to a simpler life. There is a reset that is happening out in nature – the air is cleaner, the skies clearer.

And perhaps, the invitation is also being extended to us, to look at our lives, to look at how we are responding to this period, and to see if there are any changes we are wanting to make when things get back to “normal”. {You may also find these musings on the intersection between chaos and liminal time, and the impact of the current liminal time we are in as a global society}

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Sabian Symbol for the March 2020 Virgo full moon

The Sabian Symbol for Libra 18 degrees is A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding

Yikes, that doesn’t sound too good, does it? This symbol brings up feelings of being wronged or even in danger. There’s a sense of potential loss or a sense that you’re being taken advantage of. The trouble, though, is that this is often mainly in your mind. There’s a sense of being ungrounded and of giving in to suspicions that have no basis in reality. {Again, themes that can tied back in so many ways to the pandemic and the many responses we are seeing to it}

A sensible response to this time…to when this symbol comes up, is to take the necessary precautions and just get on with your life. Things will get clear when the time is right, as is always the case.

Tarot spread for the April 2020 full moon in Libra

Here’s a tarot spread to tap into the energy of this full moon.

Note: This spread is created for both those who are finding it difficult to cope during this time, and those who are doing relatively ok and going on with their lives. How the card is interpreted / understood will be tweaked slightly, depending on where you’re at. Please read the explanation on each position carefully to determine how you will read/interpret it.

Tarot spread and journaling questions for the April 2020 full moon in Libra

1. Grieve: What is the deep grief at this time? {This could be related to the pandemic, or it could represent an aspect of your life that is out of balance and is keeping you unnecessarily stuck.}

2. Self-soothe: How can I soothe this grief {or can I move forward from here}?

3. Medicine: What medicine is currently being illuminated?

4. Healing: What is the path to healing {or what I am moving towards. This will give you some inspiration as you break the pattern of stuckness}?

5. Mamma moon says: This is always a message of inspiration/motivation

Journaling questions for the April 2020 Libra full moon

You can use these journaling questions instead of the tarot spread, if tarot isn’t your thing. Cardslingers, you can also use these journaling prompts for further reflection:

1. List out all the fears and anxiety arising from the pandemic.

2. Looking over the list, identify the things you are trying to control and the things you have no control over. Color code them if you like.

3. Imagine yourself releasing these fears, even for a few moments. What thoughts flit through your mind? Make a note of them.

4. List some of your self-soothing and self-care activities. Try and do some of them during this cycle as a way to signal that you can a footing even in this time of uncertainty.  

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  1. This is a difficult time for us all and I’m afraid the cabin fever is getting to me more because of my hindered movements. Besides I’m scared that my hand will go back to being broken simply because I am not doing the physio with such diligence as I did before.

    • Oh dear! Try and remain diligent on the physio – at least the exercises you would have been told to do at home. I’ve been keeping up with them pretty regularly, though the slightly awkward height of my writing table, which is where I’ve set up my laptop for the work from home situation, makes my shoulder ache by the end of the workday anyway. We need to be extra diligent in these times!

      • Yes I realised that . In the first two weeks I thought that housework would suffice but found my muscles playing up . So now I don’t do anything till I’ve finished my exercises. Thanks for reminding me how important this is . Are you well now ?

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